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How high is Xiling Snow Mountain? Does going to Xiling Snow Mountain have altitude reaction?

When it comes to Xiling Snow Mountain, we should all know! Although Xiling Snow Mountain is not as famous as Yulong Snow Mountain, it is also a snow mountain that snows all the year round. You can not only enjoy the magnificent scenery of the snow mountain, but also ski and experience snow entertainment. It's very suitable for friends or family to enjoy themselves together. At this time, many people will ask whether Xiling Snow Mountain is fun? When is the best time to go? Can produce altitude reaction?

Does Xiling Snow Mountain have altitude reaction

Xiling Snow Mountain is a snow mountain that snows all the year round. The highest peak is 5364 meters, which is the first peak in Chengdu. However, the altitude of the scenic spots that tourists usually visit is only about 2200-2400, which belongs to low altitude areas, and the human body will have altitude reaction only when it is more than 3000 meters. Therefore, there is no altitude reaction when we go to Xiling Snow Mountain. We don't have to worry about this problem. Where is Xiling Snow Mountain the most interesting? Front or back?

How to play in Xiling Snow Mountain?

Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into front mountain and back mountain. Qianshan Mountain is suitable for hikers who like climbing. It is about 18 kilometers long and takes 9-12 hours. The conditions of the reception station on the way are general. The scenic spots along the way include frog pond, colorful waterfall, etc. However, the scenery of the front mountain is not as distinctive as that of the back mountain. The back mountain has a beautiful ski resort (winter) and grass skiing resort (summer). You can climb up to riyueping from the maintenance walk beside the slide. You can also easily climb up to riyueping on the top of the mountain by cableway.

Xiling Snow Mountain has no altitude reaction. If you have a vision of snow, don't miss here. You can not only watch the scenery, but also ski, experience snow entertainment and take a hot spring.