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Where to go for skiing in China? Recommended four skiing resorts in China

It will be winter soon. We want to feel the charm of skiing. Skiing is a pleasant thing in body and mind, because we can have a close contact with snow. Speaking of this, many friends will probably worry about so many skiing places in China. Which ski resorts are worth visiting? Where is the best place to play?

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Jilin Changbai Mountain Ski Resort

There are many tourist attractions in Changbai Mountain, and the natural ski resort at the foot of the mountain is even more famous. Every year, Changbai Mountain Ski Resort attracts skiing enthusiasts from all over the country. You can not only ski here, but also feel the warm hot spring. The snow quality here is very close to that of France and northern Italy. The natural conditions of the snow field are very good and the scenery is beautiful.

Yunnan Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Ski Resort

Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province is located at the east foot of Yulong Snow Mountain. Lijiang is only 20 kilometers away from the ancient city. You can see the glittering snow mountain as soon as you walk into Lijiang. Moreover, there are not only beautiful scenery, but also many snow mountain entertainment projects, which can make you feel the fun of skiing.

Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort

Jilin Beidahu ski resort is located in Changbai Mountain and Songhua Lake scenic area. It has unique geographical advantages and is one of the largest ski resorts in North China. Therefore, it is one of the most attractive ski resorts in the north. The whole ski resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the trend of the mountains is relatively gentle. It is one of the safer ski resorts.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in North China, which integrates skiing, slideway, ice climbing and other dynamic leisure sports. If you are a beginner in skiing, this place will certainly make you very satisfied. If you are here now, we can meet your requirements with your superb skiing skills.