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Which country does Alaska belong to? The best route from home to Alaska

Alaska is a very famous city in the world. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit this place. It is said that the aurora can be seen in this place. Do you know which country this world famous city is in? Do you need a visa to go to Alaska from home? How can I get to Alaska from home?

Visa and transportation


Alaska belongs to the United States, so as long as the trip does not go to other countries, only need to apply for a U.S. visa.

Ticket matching:

If you start from China, there are no direct commercial flights to Alaska (except for certain charter flights). Then it is recommended to fly to Seattle first, and then take the inland flight of Alaskan airlines or other airlines to fly directly to Fairbanks or anchorage. Seattle Fairbanks takes about four hours, and Seattle anchorage takes about three and a half hours. How to shoot Aurora? Share the best way to shoot Aurora

Photo control tips

1. With a tripod, you need to set the camera to delay exposure mode when shooting aurora. A good Aurora photo may need to set a delay of 15-20 seconds. Some photographers even set the delay to as long as 45 seconds-1 minute. Long time delay exposure needs to maintain the stability of the camera, so that the photos will be clear. So a tripod is the best choice. If you find it inconvenient to carry, you can buy a new one directly from the local Wal Mart. The price is about $20-50.

2. Bring more spare batteries for the camera and charge them properly. I believe that on this point, photography enthusiasts must have been fully prepared. Shooting is in the mood, but used up the battery, absolutely beat my chest and feet & hellip& hellip;

Don't forget to keep the camera warm. Keep the camera warm, too?! Yes, and it's not just the camera, it's the same with your mobile phone. The power consumption of rechargeable lithium battery in low temperature environment is very large and fast. At the same time, low temperature will also affect the response sensitivity of electronic equipment. You might as well buy a cotton camera cover for your camera, or even stick a warm baby on it to maintain the normal temperature of the equipment.