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Italy is the most worthwhile city to visit. If you don't go, you will regret it!

Italy is a romantic country, but also an ancient country, especially the buildings in the city of Rome, brick by brick are telling us the glory and story that once belonged to this. At the same time, we all know that Italy also has many strange and beautiful places waiting for you to explore. So, how can Italy play best? Where is the best place to visit Italy?

Crema town

Please call me by your name, a 17-year-old literary love film, was shot here, and this unknown town has been on fire ever since. The square Elio and Oliver visited in the play is in crema, a small town not far from Milan.

Crema, this is a small town on the edge of Milan. You only need to take a leisurely train in fashionable Milan for an hour to get here. This small town has not been occupied by too many tourists and is still quiet and simple.

You can sit in the small square in front of crema Cathedral in the center of the town, order a cup of coffee, watch the teenagers speeding by on their bicycles, and watch the church scattered in the sunshine. Come here for a walk, you will fall in love with it, just like the bright eyes you fell in love with that summer.


Amalfi Coast, known as the most beautiful coast in Europe, is rated as one of the 51 beautiful places in life by National Geographic magazine. One side is the boundless blue sea, the other side is the gentle water like sunshine, and there is the faint fragrance of lemon in the air. This picture just wants to make people fall in love. Do you have it? You can also enjoy the authentic pizza while overlooking the beautiful blue sea and blue sky of the Amalfi Coast. It can't be more beautiful!

Sicily - Taormina

French writer Maupassant said: 'if someone can only stay in Sicily for one day, he asked: where should I visit? I will answer him without hesitation, taurmina '.

Taormina, on one side is the vast, blue sea scenery of Ionia, on the other side is the magnificent mountain scenery of Etna volcano, which makes it charming and unique. The windows and balconies of the medieval houses here are full of flowers. Most of the houses are distributed around the steep rising streets and sunny squares, where you meet poems and distant places--]


A writer described it like this: Positano is a dreamland. When you are there, she is not very real. After you leave, she becomes lifelike. As the most beautiful small town in the Mediterranean, there are all kinds of colorful cabins. When you open the window, you can hear the wind of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the distance, little shadows of sails are scattered on the blue water, which is very pleasant.

Lake brayers

Bulayes lake, known as the most beautiful lake in the Dolomiti mountains, is surrounded by towering stone mountains. The deep blue water is like a 'blue eye'. Due to the melting of the lake water from the surrounding snow mountain glaciers, the lake water is cool in summer, which is very suitable for wanghong punch card. At present, there are few people in China who know about it!

Bellagio town

Bellagio is a fantastic town on Lake Como, and one of the best places to enjoy the scenery of Lake Como. Bellagio Town, known as the Pearl of Lake Como, is one of the most famous resorts in Europe; Finch, Napoleon to Roosevelt, Kennedy and George bull; Clooney, they are very keen on Bellagio. Here, the surrounding peaks stretch, reflected on the lake, the lake presents an ethereal charm, you will be deeply intoxicated by the beauty of the landscape in front of you.


There is a place that is considered to be the soul of Italy, also known as the most beautiful place in Italy, here, is Tuscany. Here, the blue sky against the old house, surrounded by idyllic poetry, at first glance thought that into the fairy tale, simple with indescribable charm. No matter which season you come, you will get different surprises. A piece of green onion is like an ink painting, and the vast Yellow is like an oil painting.

The city of Rome

How can you go to Italy without Rome? You can touch the vicissitudes of this ancient city and feel the glory of Rome in the past. This is the shooting scene of the famous film Roman holiday, especially in the evening, the light and the dim yellow sky, which is a kind of dreamy beauty.