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What time does the Guangzhou tower open? Do you need a ticket to Guangzhou tower?

Guangzhou has become a popular choice city for many people to travel. Canton Tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou, and also a daily attendance spot for many tourists. At this time, Canton Tower in Guangzhou is just like the Imperial Palace in Beijing, in Wuhan, Oriental Pearl in Shanghai, and so on.

Canton Tower

Guangzhou tower is currently the tallest tower in China. The overall height of the tower is 600 meters. The main tower is 450 meters high, and the antenna mast is 150 meters high. Standing on this tower, you can have a panoramic view of the city of Guangzhou, and it can really be described as "a panoramic view of the mountains". Guangzhou tower has a unique shape, slender body and exquisite construction proportion, so it is also called "small Manyao". When it comes to the evening, the Guangzhou tower will light up colorful lights, just like putting on a gorgeous and beautiful coat to the whole tower, making the whole tower look so brilliant and brilliant.

Today's Guangzhou tower is the first in China and the third in the world, which shows the development and progress of Guangzhou. On the Guangzhou tower, you can not only enjoy the city's tourism and enjoy the beauty of the new Guangzhou City and the Pearl River, but also enjoy the comfort of entertainment and leisure, the convenience of fashionable catering, leisure shopping, film and television culture, education science and technology, etc, If you want to propose to your beloved at the top of Guangzhou tower, it's OK! It will be an unparalleled romantic experience. How much is the ticket to Guangzhou tower?

Tickets for Guangzhou tower

433 meters White Cloud Star view ticket: 150 RMB for adults;

450 meter tower top amusement package ticket: 228 RMB for adults;

460m Ferris wheel package ticket: 298 RMB for adults;

488 meters tower tour package: RMB 398 for adults

Opening hours of Guangzhou tower

The whole tower: 09:30-22:30; Closing time: 22:00

Ferris Wheel: 10:00-22:30; Every Monday: 15:00-22:30; Monday of the last week of each month: 17:00-22:30.

Top speed: 10:00-22:30; Every Monday: 12:00-22:30; Monday of the last week of each month: 17:00-22:30.

PS: in order to ensure the safety of tourists, Guangzhou tower is a time-sharing sightseeing tour, and tickets will be issued in 2 hours.

Entering time: 09:30, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00