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Do you need to cancel your travel visa? Which countries need to sign off?

In recent years, many people like to travel abroad, but we all know that visa is required for traveling abroad. Many countries' visa policies towards China are gradually simplified and relaxed. Even so, a few countries still need tourists to go to the embassies and consulates after they have issued a visa with a certain period of validity. What is a sales signature? Why do we need to cancel the signature? What will happen if you don't cancel your signature & hellip& hellip;

1. What is a sales signature?

Cancellation of visa, as the name suggests, means cancellation of visa. It means that after obtaining the visa of a certain country, they are required to return to the embassy or consulate of that country for visa registration verification within the specified time limit after the end of their travel, proving that they have not overstayed in that country.

Perhaps most people will think that the visa will automatically become invalid as long as they return home after the trip.

In fact, each country's visa policy is different. Some countries have strict requirements and need to go to the corresponding consulate in China for visa cancellation!

2. Why do we need to cancel the signature?

The main purpose of visa cancellation is to let the embassies and consulates of relevant countries confirm that the tourists have returned on time and have not been detained through their passports and boarding passes.

If the applicant is required to cancel the visa, but does not go to the embassy to cancel the visa within the time limit, it may leave a bad record and affect the visa results in the future. When you apply for a visa for the second time, you will be rejected, especially in Europe and Japan.

3. What situation needs to be cancelled?

At present, there are two most common travel modes for outbound tourism

Join a tour organized by a travel agency

No matter which country completes the tour, the tourists who participate in the tour group organized by the travel agency will be required to cancel the visa after returning on time.

Usually, the cancellation is completed by the travel agency and requires the individual to submit the supporting information. Generally, it is not necessary for the individual to actually go to the embassy or consulate after returning home.

Personal freedom

In general, free travel rarely needs to be cancelled. Only in some special cases, the consulate makes special requirements.

If it is necessary to cancel the signature, the relevant personnel will clearly indicate it on the visa page or other blank spaces of the passport. If it is not indicated, it is not necessary to cancel the signature.

4. Which countries need to sign off?

Participate in group tours organized by travel agencies

Most countries require the cancellation of the visa after the tourists return on time, while a small number of countries require the cancellation of the visa for the travel agencies (the embassies and consulates of these countries do not make the cancellation of the visa), such as the United States.

Applicants for individual free travel

There are two kinds of situations in which an individual visa needs to be cancelled:

Although a small number of countries have opened individual tourist visa, when applying for a visa, it is required that the application must be guaranteed by the travel agency. In this part of countries, the general travel agency will require the applicant to cancel the visa after returning home.

Such as: Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Turkey (Tourism sticker), etc.

European countries, such as Schengen and the United Kingdom, will be required to return to China for signature under special circumstances.

For European Schengen visa, not everyone has to go back to China to cancel the visa. It is the decision made by the embassy and consulate according to the actual situation of the applicant. However, the probability of cancellation of individual tourist visa is very small.

If you need to cancel the visa, when you get the European Schengen visa, there will be a note on it, which clearly states how long you want to go to the consulate to cancel the visa in person. Usually within 2 weeks. The starting time shall be subject to the customs seal of China.

5. How to handle the cancellation?

In general, the consulate requires that the original passport, boarding pass and exit / entry seal should be returned to the consulate to cancel the visa within 5 days after the trip (the specific requirements of different countries are different, but similar).

Usually, the individual visa needs to have all the relevant materials ready to go to the embassy and consulate for face-to-face cancellation, while the group visa is generally cancelled by the travel agency.

In short, when it comes to visa cancellation, we must follow the rules. Being too busy or forgetting may be your real reason, but the embassy and Consulate have no time to investigate whether you are unintentional or intentional.

Finally, I would like to remind you that no matter you travel with a group or freely, you should carefully arrange your later itinerary when you travel to countries that need to be cancelled.

If your passport is sent for cancellation, you can't get it back, and you have a trip to other countries arranged in advance, it will inevitably be delayed.