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When does Harbin ice sculpture festival start? What month is the best time to travel?

Now it's winter, and the cold winter is coming. At this time, people who like snow should start their own winter tour plan! When it comes to winter tourism, Harbin is the first ice city that Xiaobian thinks of. There are also very famous ice sculptures. Many people are concerned about when the Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival will begin? When is the best time to go?

When does Harbin ice sculpture festival begin

Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival is about to open on December 25. The opening ceremony will be held on January 1 and January 5. The specific time is subject to the announcement of the organizer. This is the holding time of previous years. It can be used as a reference and will basically last until February and March. During this period, you don't have to worry about the ice and snow world, the snow Expo and the ice and snow Happy Valley. You can enjoy the charm and joy of ice and snow.

If you are worried about the wrong time, you can choose January to February, when it is more appropriate to enjoy the ice sculptures. In winter, Harbin turns into a beautiful ice city, and there is a unique scenery ice sculptures in the streets. Harbin is the most beautiful city in the night. In addition, skating, skiing, ice climbing and other snow sports are definitely worth experiencing.