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Where to enjoy the aurora in China? The best time to watch the aurora

I believe many people have heard that there is a place in China where the aurora can be seen! Do you know where to see it? Aurora is a miracle of nature. It is a luminous phenomenon caused by the collision of charged high-energy particles and atoms in the atmosphere in the high latitude sky. It is a magic show of light and color. This kind of picture is enough to bring visual shock to people. No picture can show this kind of beauty. Only through personal experience can we feel that kind of miracle beauty.

Where can I see the aurora in China

In Mohe, Heilongjiang Province, China, a place called Arctic village is the only place where we can see the aurora and the phenomenon of polar day. In addition to the aurora, you can also find unique geographical indications in China, such as the northernmost family, the northernmost post office and so on. You can visit the Arctic village in winter or summer.

The best time to watch the aurora

In the days before and after the summer solstice, the sun can be seen for nearly 20 hours every day. This is the phenomenon of polar day. If the weather is so good that there is no cloud barrier between the Arctic and Mohe, it is possible to see the magnificent aurora borealis.

It's in the Arctic village of Heilongjiang Province. If you want to see the aurora, you can try your luck in the Arctic village and punch in the northernmost geographical indication of China.