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Shanghai Tourism remember ten tips, let you travel worry free!

Shanghai is an international metropolis. Many people travel to this place every year, but in Shanghai, whether it's consumption or anything, it's more expensive. A lot of people like to take a walk on the tour, but this kind of travel is to light, is also very free and easy. But when you travel to Shanghai, you must remember the top ten travel skills.

Travel Tips


Download Metro metropolis from your mobile phone to facilitate your subway travel. Of course, local tyrants who plan to call taxis all the way pass by. Shanghai is a metropolis. If you are not familiar with the city, it is easy to get lost. Therefore, in addition to relying on transportation, you need to use the next electronic map navigation. If you take the subway to the urban area, you must check which exit is on the map. In some places, the home of two mouths can't pass through the ground. If the exit is not right, sometimes it will delay a lot of time.

2. Bus card

When you come out from the railway station or airport, it is necessary to apply for a bus card! In addition to bus transfer discount and 10% discount for subway, it's also a necessary miracle for you to arrive at every place in the city. You can use subway, bus, ferry and taxi, and the bus card can be refunded to return your 20 yuan deposit.

3. Accommodation options

Shanghai is a popular scenic spot with a large area and scattered scenic spots. It's common to spend more than an hour from one place to another, so if you want to book a hotel, you'd better book it in advance and be sure to choose the place where the main transportation hub is. And try not to choose too much street, because the more prosperous the downtown area is, the more expensive the price is, and the area is very large, so it's not very comfortable to live in. It's a good choice to take Xujiahui as the fixed point and spread to the surrounding areas.

4. Cash

Before departure, check three 'cards' and prepare a few RMB: first, the ID card is recommended to be placed in the next clip; Then there are bank cards and credit cards. Pay attention to the amount of money you use, and make sure that you pay for your shopping. Although Shanghai is now able to pay for WeChat Alipay scan code, individual shopping centers still do not accept mobile phone payment. They still use traditional credit cards or cash payment.

5. Transportation

In Shanghai, there are also many black cars. If you are not familiar with Shanghai, don't drive black cars like people who have lived here for a long time, and don't share or ride black cars with others in order to save travel expenses. When you see that other people are so free and easy to take illegal cars, you don't know that they are familiar with each other and trust each other to a certain extent, or that there is a long-term business relationship between neighbors. If you want to make a move, try to choose Jinjiang taxi, Johnson & Johnson taxi, or Volkswagen, which has a good reputation in Shanghai.

6. Get lost

After arriving at the hotel, the front desk should be printed with a business card with address and contact number. If you get lost, you can call a taxi or ask the police, give your business card to the driver or ask the police to make sure you can return to the hotel safely even if you are not familiar with the language and the road. Here, I want to praise the police uncle in Shanghai. The police uncle in Shanghai is very responsible and has a good attitude. If you don't know, just ask the police uncle. Don't be embarrassed.

7. Power bank

Take the power bank, because the electricity is fast and many places can not be charged. If you really don't have time to prepare the power bank, you can find it in the convenience stores near the subway, including the whole family, Rosen, and Bristol & hellip& hellip; Coffee shop, or restaurant to see if there is a rental.

8. Bike sharing

Good at using the shared bicycle around, sometimes walking is not as fast and time-saving as riding a bicycle. Alipay can directly scan the code to travel with the worship of the gods, the small yellow cars and the harrow.


Book again, consult more, make good use of app and public comments. Take full advantage of all kinds of travel consulting apps. You can pay attention to two more practical public accounts, Shanghai local treasure and barley, which are more convenient for you to make travel strategies.

10. Drugs

When you go out, you are most afraid of sudden discomfort, so you must prepare your commonly used drugs. There are many pharmacies in Shanghai, but if you are not familiar with the geographical location, it is not easy to find them, so try to prepare enough commonly used drugs you need. Or you can consult the front desk of the hotel, whether there is a drugstore near the hotel, and take out drugstore on the public comments. In addition, if you go to major hospitals in Shanghai now, you can register and make an appointment in advance on wechat.

You must pay attention to safety and protect yourself when you are away from home. You can buy caution!