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Where did Huainan film in secret love with tangerine? Huainan scenery collection

Based on the novel of the same name of Chang'an in August, the play is a youth campus drama starring Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing. Recently, the first film was exposed. From the perspective of Luo Zhi (Hu Bingqing), pianhua interprets 15 years of secret love into a delicate and moving way. " The best secret love is to be happy. It is reported that the play will soon be broadcast.

It is reported that the shooting of "secret love for tangerine in Huainan" lasted nearly four months. It traveled to Xiamen and Harbin, and even returned to Harbin No.3 middle school, the prototype of "Zhenhua high school" in the novel. Director Li Muge once talked about why he chose Xiamen as the main city at the stage of shenghuainan and luozhi University: "on the one hand, Harbin and Xiamen have a big natural contrast in the region of one north and one south. The play has both snow capped and coastal scenery, with rich color and texture; On the other hand, Xiamen will make people feel that it is a place where love can take place and add romance to the drama. " As for the emotion of the play, Li Muge gave the formula of "more acid" + "higher sweet" + "less abuse", hoping to bring the audience a different experience.