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Where is the location of the son of the weather? Son of the weather Japan

Recently, "son of the weather" is in the hot, many of the Japanese animation shooting are in reality, recently released a very popular Japanese cartoon "son of the weather", I don't know if you have seen it, it's very good, there are a lot of shooting places, let's understand!

Around Shinjuku District

The place where the gangster was interrogated by the police was beside the rail bridge near the west entrance of Shinjuku.

The place where Fan Li meets Xiao Mao and Xiao Yu, and the place where she meets Xiao Hun for the second time and runs away with Yang Cai, are located near the Atami building behind Dongbao cinema, 2 Dingmu, kabuki Town, Shinjuku.

The vending machines and coin lockers that Fanli runs past with Yangcai are also near Kabuki town in Shinjuku.

Around the port area

In the setting of the movie, there is a shrine on the roof, which can be said to be a very important scene of the whole movie. If the reason is not convenient, you can find a chance to see the original film.

I also searched a lot of information on the Internet and found that the place most likely to be the prototype of the shrine in the play is the Asahi Inaho shrine in Ginza.

After on-the-spot investigation, it was found that there were places for making wishes on the ground floor and the top floor of the shrine.

Yang Cai's last Commission came from Xuhe. They met Xuhe's daughter here. This scene is set in the Zhizhi Park in the harbor area. After watching it, you will be impressed by the grass where the little girl and she play together.


Saka, in Japanese, means slope. In the whole of Japan, there are innumerable sakaka, big and small.

Nozoki Saka, which clocked in this time, is located in Toyoshima District of Tokyo. If it wasn't mentioned on the Internet, I can't remember where it appeared in the movie. Because if you look at the slopes more often, you will feel that the slopes in Japan are the same everywhere, and you are not particularly impressed. However, since it is a holy land, I'd like to have a look by the way.

The nearest station in nozoki is guizimushen station. But I still walked through the JR white line. About 800 meters.

Glacier shrine is also Japan's Meteorological shrine. It is the God of weather. The God of weather, as the name suggests, is the great God that decides the direction of Japan's weather.

The most distinctive feature of the shrine is that it looks like the painted horse of ancient Japanese clogs.

It's very common for the meteorological shrine to write the wishes of auspicious snow, auspicious harvest and so on in the drawing. However, in recent years, the content of the wishes that she wrote down has gradually changed, from praying for good weather to praying for a perfect love and a successful exam.

This cartoon is really good. It has been shown in China. Let's go and have a look! If you still feel like you're not finished, why don't you just punch in at these scenic spots!