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Where to buy a low price ticket? Low price ticket purchase strategy accept it!

Now many people prefer to travel abroad, and many small partners may often be defeated by high ticket prices. Compared with domestic tourism, domestic tourism is generally scenic spot, and the ticket price is sky high. Generally speaking, air tickets and hotels account for the majority of outbound tourism. Scenic tickets will be relatively cost-effective, so how to buy low-cost tickets for traveling abroad?

1、 Where to buy a low price ticket?

There are several main purchasing channels: the most widely used: OTA official websites such as travel agency stores / qunar / Ctrip / Feizhu / Tianxun / QiongYou / tuniu / elong. The most accurate information: the official websites of major airlines. The most affordable and fast: the major airlines service telephone.

2、 Low price air ticket purchase routine

1. Airlines usually release a batch of special tickets three or four months in advance to explore the way. If they sell well, the price will rise later. If they don't sell well, they will launch another batch of special tickets, but the first batch is definitely the cheapest.

2. The biggest advantage of booking on the official website is that it supports refund and endorsement, and it can also be used to exchange tickets. In addition, with the fierce competition in recent years, many airlines have begun to promote sales, and the price is very affordable! Moreover, there is a kind of artifact in the aviation industry - low-cost aviation!

3、 A lot of low-cost airlines have a good reputation. Based on the comprehensive evaluation of the whole network, from the classification of travel destinations, the following are listed for your reference:

1. Good luck in China / spring and Autumn/

2. Air Asia / tiger / bird / Cebu Pacific

3. Japan and South Korea Hong Kong Express / vanilla / letao (plane color is super pink) / Busan Airlines / real Airlines

4. Ryanair Europe / easyJet / Berlin Airlines / wings of Germany / Flynn Airlines / wings of Europe

5 North American transoceanic Airlines / Western jet Airlines / American Southwest Airlines / spirit

6. Virgin Australia / Jetstar

4、 Book on the travel website

The travel website can list the tickets of different airlines at different prices for you at one time, which greatly improves the selection efficiency.

Moreover, the travel website can get the low-cost class of the airline. When you do big promotion activities or choose a combination package, the price will be much lower than that of booking air tickets and hotels alone.

5、 Call airline customer service to make a reservation

In the online optimistic about a low-cost airline tickets, you can directly dial the official booking phone to buy. Why? Because most airlines in order to ensure their own ticketing system ticket volume, telephone booking is a discount, the overall price will be lower than you see on the travel website most of the time.

For example: to buy a round-trip ticket from Shenzhen to Beijing, the price of Ctrip is 650 yuan, the return price is 800 yuan, and the total price is 1450 yuan, not counting the fuel cost. If you book by phone, you can buy two tickets together at a discount on the original basis. If you give 10% discount, you can save 145 yuan. The higher the one-way price, the more money you save.

This method is also applicable to connecting tickets. But! This discount is only available for telephone booking, and it must be from the same airline.

6、 Purchase time of low price air tickets

The earlier you buy a ticket, the better. You should pay attention to skills. The departure time in off-season / normal season is about 30-40 days in advance. If you book too early, the special class may not be released, resulting in the high price in the end. The peak season will be earlier.

7、 The best way is to pay more attention to the promotion of major airlines

Air Asia: four big promotions a year, in February (sometimes to March), may, August and November, the time will change, and small promotions will be made from time to time. Promotion time can buy tickets in half a year to a year, covering all golden week, super cost-effective! Focus on Asia Europe air tickets in March, focus on air tickets from September to the end of December in June, focus on air tickets from September to march of the next year, and focus on Australian Air Routes. It's really interesting to return to Australia less than 3K!

Spring Airlines: a big promotion every season, there is a 1 yuan ticket grabbing activity on the 9th of each month, a big promotion on the 15th of each month, and a big promotion on the 27th of each month. There is also a super Friday, a small number of low price tickets.

Hong Kong Express: 50% off every weekend. From time to time, small to large.

Kuhang: at the beginning of every month, there will be a big promotion. The first Tuesday of every month. The tickets to Singapore, Southeast Asia and Australia in early May are very cheap!

China Southern Airlines: member discount on the 28th of every month. Every time there are a large number of ultra-low prices and free tickets, one discount and two discounts, which are very cheap.

Air China: member day promotion on the 8th of every month, limited time group purchase page on the official website, and new page from time to time!

Jetstar: focus on every Friday in the middle of the year

China Eastern Airlines: how many notes do you know about purchasing low price tickets on the 18th of every month?

8、 Notes on low price air ticket purchase (special attention)

Most of the special tickets don't support refund and endorsement. If the itinerary changes, it's a tragedy.

1. To select the platform for instant ticketing. Many websites in order to attract users, will be pasted on the reservation or application label, this kind of ticket can not be issued immediately, endless trouble.

2. Don't buy air tickets on the Internet. Some tickets on the Internet look very cheap, but it is not recommended that you buy them, because if you fill in the wrong information, the whole ticket will be invalid, and you can't find anyone to cry!

3. Don't buy insurance just to save money. Aviation accident insurance is generally valid for 7 days, ranging from 20-50 yuan, God this kind of thing, or buy an insurance reliable.

4. Pay attention to the amount of luggage. Low cost airlines generally have a small amount of free shipping. They also have strict requirements on the weight of carry on luggage. We must see clearly, especially for children studying abroad!