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Where to take children to Suzhou? Suzhou parent child travel must punch in scenic spot recommendatio

Suzhou is not only a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, but also a city of outstanding people. It is also a well-known tourist city in China. Therefore, thousands of tourists go to Suzhou every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery of small bridges and flowing water in the south of the Yangtze River and visit classical garden buildings. So, do you know any interesting places in Suzhou?

What are the interesting places in Suzhou


If you like the scenery of "small bridge and flowing water", it's worth a visit. Here, the whole town is built on the river, connected by bridges and streets, with deep houses and large courtyards, heavy ridges and high eaves, river ports, Langfang, arcades, bamboo and stone railings, and riverside Pavilion. It's so simple and quiet that the "small bridge, flowing water, and people" are perfectly combined. As long as the itinerary is well arranged, The whole trip was pretty good.

Humble Administrator's garden

Humble Administrator's garden is one of the four famous gardens in China, and it is also the most famous and largest garden in Suzhou. Most of our friends come to Suzhou for sightseeing. As a world cultural heritage, the scenery in the garden can be more beautiful. Every window and pavilion in the garden seems to be designed to set off the flowers and trees nearby. On the whole, it is just right, It's worth a look.

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum is just outside the Humble Administrator's garden. It is a proud work of I.M. Pei! After entering the museum, you can have a good look at the new building. It has the traditional Suzhou garden style. The dark gray roof matches the white wall. It is fresh and elegant. Because it is open for free, there are many people and tourists on holidays. Friends who don't like noise can visit it on holidays.


People who travel to Suzhou will come to Huqiu for a tour as long as they have enough time. This scenic spot has a history of almost 2500 years. The landmark scenic spots of Huqiu are Huqiu tower and Huqiu sword pool. Relying on the beautiful scenery and long historical and cultural landscape, Huqiu enjoys the reputation of "the first scenic spot in Wu". Every year, several Flower Fairs and temple fairs are held in Huqiu, There will be a large number of Chinese and foreign famous flowers and plants on display, with beautiful scenery.