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Where is daijiahu Park in Wuhan? How do I get there?

Wuhan is one of the most suitable cities for tourism in China. At the same time, we all know that there are many interesting places in Wuhan. Wuhan daijiahu park is a popular park. Do you know where Wuhan daijiahu park is? How can I get to daijiahu Park in Wuhan?

Where is Wuhan daijiahu park?

Daijiahu Park, Qingshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province (300 meters west of the Third Ring Road) is relatively remote from the city center. However, the natural environment here is very beautiful. After a series of artistic layout and creative design, it has become a truly popular scenic spot and a holy land for taking photos.

How can I get to daijiahu Park in Wuhan?

1. Bus: there is no direct bus here, because near Jianshe No.10 Road, you can take No.16, No.40, no.594 and no.795. Get off at daijiaxiang station on Jianshe No.10 Road, and then walk there

2. Subway: you can take Line 1 and 4, get off at Wuhan station, and then walk there

3. Baidu map navigation self driving

Wuhan daijiahu Park

Go in from the gate of daijiahu Park, turn right, walk a few hundred meters to the locomotive square, and you can see the green train. The green train here is a really abandoned carriage. The outside is Retro Green, and the inside is very old. It's very retro literature and art. It's very suitable for making movies and small fresh photos.

At four or five o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day, the sunlight shines on the car, and the light and shadow effect is great.

Take books, newspapers, old film cameras and flowers as props, and put on retro clothes, which makes you feel retro.

In addition to the green train, there are flowers and lawns in daijiahu Park, which are also suitable for taking photos.

If you go to Castle Peak, you must eat fried pork. Since you come to Castle Peak to take photos, you can also go to the famous Wuzhong fried pork to eat fried pork in the evening. The pork kebabs are very tender and delicious, and the tofu is also very tender and smooth.

Note: it's very dirty in the car. It's better to bring enough tissue and water.