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How to play four day tour in Xi'an? The best route of four day tour in Xi'an

In recent years, Xi'an has always been one of the top ten tourist cities in China. Many people travel to Xi'an every year. Xi'an is not only a prosperous city, but also has rich cultural heritage. Therefore, this city is very worthy of tourism. At this time, some people will ask how many days is the best time to travel to Xi'an? How to play the four day tour in Xi'an?

Tourism strategy of Xi'an in November

I want to see the Shaanxi Museum of history: we can only make an online booking through the official account of the Shaanxi History Museum ticketing system, with a daily limit of 6000. It is recommended that 7 days' advance booking be made, and tickets will be held at a low speed.

first day

I went tiktok in Yongxing this afternoon, I was in a street of antique buildings, I had local special snack, and I had a bowl of wine that was shaking and burning.

Yongxingfang takes bus No.32 to Zhonggulou square. It's only 4 stops. The night of Zhonggulou is worth taking

Behind the bell tower is the Huimin street, a snack street for tourists. My local friends recommend laobaijia beef bun and Dingjia crispy pork. (you will meet those who sell red pomegranate and Huojing persimmon. It's not the best time to enjoy the two kinds of fruits, and the price is chaotic. It's recommended to enter cautiously.)

the second day

When I went to the drum tower and bell tower, I bought tickets at 30 yuan / person time and 50 yuan / person time. Sometimes I buy tickets, such as entering the park from 10:30 to 12:30

Bell Tower & rarr; ancient city wall, take line 2 to exit A1 of yongningmen station, and you can get there at one stop. The adult ticket for the ancient city wall is 54 yuan per person. I walk from Yongning gate (South Gate) to Changle gate (East Gate), and out of the east gate is Yongxing square. Climbing the city wall is a test of physical strength. I have a bike to rent.

on the third day

I went with a tour group to the 'eighth wonder of the world' terracotta warriors and horses, which is divided into three pits: the first pit is relatively well developed, which is the most intuitive to see the terracotta warriors and horses; the second pit is temporarily undeveloped, which is' Huangtupo '; the third pit is partially developed

If you want to join the delegation, please see if you have meals, return tickets, etc

the forth day

Route for the fourth day: Daxingshan Temple & rarr; SEG International Shopping Plaza & rarr; Dayan Pagoda & rarr; Datang never night city

Daxingshan temple is a small temple. There is the longest escalator in Asia in Saige square. Saige can get to the Dayan Pagoda subway station at one time. The ticket for the Dayan Pagoda is 40 yuan per person, excluding the climbing fee. Another ticket is 25 yuan per person.

Dayan Pagoda closes at 18:30 and stops admission at 18:00. There is no ticket for you to go directly to the pedestrian street of Datang never night city.