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Where to enjoy chrysanthemum in Chongqing? Six scenic spots of Chrysanthemum in Chongqing

Chrysanthemum has been popular since ancient times. Many scholars have left many poems for chrysanthemum, which are still popular today. Now is a good time to enjoy chrysanthemums. Many people go to enjoy chrysanthemums at this time of year. So, do you know any good places to enjoy chrysanthemums in Chongqing?

Yubei Garden Expo

The Garden Expo will hold Chrysanthemum Exhibition every year, which is the most concentrated place of Chrysanthemum in the urban area. Moreover, there are many light rails that can go directly, and you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape by the way.

These chrysanthemums are not only for viewing, but also for various special shapes. While enjoying the flowers and taking photos, they can also taste Chongqing culture.

Address: No.1 Longjing Road, Yubei

Self driving: Downtown - Inner Ring Expressway - Airport Road - Jinxing Avenue - Chongqing Garden Expo Park

Bus: take rail transit line 3 or line 5 and get off near the Expo Park

Nanshan Botanical Garden

Nanshan botanical garden, known as the 'mountain city corolla', is the first choice for many Chongqing people to enjoy autumn travel. Here, you can have a panoramic view of all kinds of flowers in autumn. The colorful chrysanthemums are extremely charming. After enjoying the flowers, you can enjoy a slow life in Nanshan.

Here you can climb mountains, have delicious spring chicken, and go to a tree or Yihua Li to see the night scene at night.

Address: No.101, Botanical Garden Road, Nanshan, Nan'an

Self driving: urban area - Yulu Avenue - Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge - Cimushan tunnel 1 - Nanshan Botanical Garden

Bus: you can take bus No.384 directly

Yuzhong & middot; eling Park

Eling park is the earliest private garden in Chongqing. The ancient pass and private garden are both rigid and flexible. It is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery of mountain city. It is very suitable for autumn outing.

The chrysanthemums are in full bloom in eling park. Although there are not many, they can also enjoy a quiet life. The nearby Fotuguan park can also have an outing. You can visit them together.

Address: 176 eling Main Street, Yuzhong

Self driving: Downtown - Xinji Avenue - yu'ao Avenue - Changjiang 1st Road - eling Park

Bus: take Rail Transit Line 1 and get off at eling station, or take Rail Transit Line 2 and get off at Fotuguan station

Banan & middot; East hot spring

In the East hot spring Golden Forest Village, the chrysanthemum blossoms for the first time. The pure flowers stretch out their petals in the sun, blooming the most beautiful color of autumn.

After enjoying chrysanthemums in the East hot spring, you can also find a hot spring to wash away your tiredness. There are many farmhouses here, and the cost performance is very high.

Address: huangjinlin village, Dongwenquan Town, Banan

Self driving: Downtown - Kaiying road - Shanghai Chongqing South Line Expressway - Yujian road - Dongwenquan town - huangjinlin Village

Bus: take rail transit line 6 to Changshengqiao station, then transfer to No. d039 and get off at Dongquan passenger station

Tongliang: wonderful dream garden

The colorful dream garden in autumn is extremely beautiful. All kinds of vegetation are spread on the earth like colorful carpets. The gorgeous scenery is fascinating. Marigold, cosmos, sulfur flower chrysanthemum and golden pheasant chrysanthemum make the colorful dream garden in autumn a sea of chrysanthemums.

In addition, you can also experience the fun of extreme grass skiing. The whole family can have a good time here.

Address: Group 12, Huangmen village, Nancheng sub district office, Tongliang

Self driving: main city - Chongqing Suining Expressway - Tongliang Industrial Park - Longteng Avenue - Zhonghua dragon hot spring - Xuantian Lake - huangjuemen colorful dream garden

Qijiang & middot; Triangle town

The hundred mu chrysanthemums in Sanjiao Town are in full bloom. The villagers are immersed in the joy of the harvest. The yellow chrysanthemums are in full bloom. The village surrounded by the chrysanthemum fields is looming like a chrysanthemum garden outside the world.

A year ago, it was just a piece of wasteland. Now, chrysanthemums are blooming all over the mountains. It's really a kind of artistic conception of 'picking chrysanthemums under the East fence'.

Address: Tangya village and Pengxiang village, Sanjiao Town, Qijiang

Self driving: main city - Inner Ring Expressway - Lanhai Expressway - qiwan Expressway - Qijiang - sanjiaozhen