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The most wayward scenic spot in the world, no makeup tourists!

With the development of social globalization, people's tourism is no longer limited to the domestic, and gradually go abroad to play around the world. There are many scenic spots in the world, and these scenic spots sometimes set up some regulations because of special customs or some other reasons. Today's scenic spot can be said to be the most wayward scenic spot in the world, often blocking tourists Besides, what's going on?

May be many small partners will ask: scenic spots are not welcome tourists? Why don't you give the tourists face? It turns out that there is a wonderful rule in this scenic spot: tourists with make-up can't go in! I believe many small partners have already had countless questions. Next, listen to Xiaobian slowly. This scenic spot is not from China. It is located in Colombia and is a scenic spot called Rainbow River.

Among other things, the Rainbow River is very long, with a total length of 100 kilometers, but its width is only 20 meters. The river of the Rainbow River is very unique, and its color changes according to different seasons. There are four seasons in a year, and its color changes all the time. It can change five colors in a year, which is very beautiful, so it is called the most beautiful river in the world It's a river.

Because of its unique beauty, it attracts countless tourists from all over the world every year, and now it has become a punch in place for countless netizens. Then why is it the most shameless scenic spot for tourists? It turns out that in order not to damage the ecological environment here, they not only stipulated that only a certain number of tourists should be received every day, but also required that tourists should not wear make-up.

In addition to these, visitors are not allowed to spray perfume. Many small buddy feel that the request is too strict, but it is understandable. Because the environment of this scenic spot is too special, there are many algae plants in the Rainbow River, and it can be launched in this scenic spot, and all kinds of chemicals in the cosmetics will affect the algae, so that's the reason. It's in accordance with the regulations.