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How about a trip to Haikou in November? Haikou is the most recommended scenic spot

In fact, Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province, is also a good choice for you to travel to Hainan and then to Sanya. Haikou also has coconut forests, sand beaches, blue sky and white clouds, which can meet all your expectations of the island, so you must go to this place to play. At the same time, Haikou is also a charming tropical coastal city. So, how about a trip to Haikou in November? What are the interesting scenic spots in Haikou?

How about going to Haikou in November

The best travel time in Haikou is from October to May of the next year. Therefore, it is very suitable to visit Haikou in November. During this period, the weather in Haikou is pleasant and warm. It is a good time to enjoy the scenery of Haikou. At this time, it is a good choice to visit Wanlvyuan or Haikou mangrove forest to enjoy the tropical plants.

Haikou must visit scenic spots

Qilou old street

Qilou old street is a very famous historical and cultural street in Haikou. It has a history of more than 700 years. Most of them are Nanyang style buildings. Friends who have been to Tianjin will feel a bit like five Avenue. It's a block mainly composed of Zhongshan Road, Boai road and Xinhua Road. There are all kinds of trendy shops, shopping goods and delicious food here. It's easy to go shopping I feel it.

Holiday Beach

Although the sunshine, sand beach and waves are slightly inferior to those of Sanya, they are also a good comprehensive seaside resort in Haikou. It's enough to invite three or five friends to come here for open-air barbecue, drink beer and chat, and then take a walk along the coastline.

Leiqionghaikou Volcano Group World Geopark

The whole park is like a natural Geopark, and the crater of Ma'anling is the commanding height of Haikou. You can have a panoramic view of Haikou City and Qiongzhou Strait from the viewing platform. The scenery is charming, and it is also one of the most attractive small scenic spots in the park. It is one of the latest and best preserved dead craters. The park has beautiful scenery and fresh air, which is very suitable for the whole family to visit on weekends Play.


Wanlvyuan is a good place for many people to spend their time on weekends in Haikou. The greening is very good. The whole park gives people the feeling of lushness. Nearly 10000 tropical and subtropical ornamental trees are planted. People who run, exercise and ride bicycles in the park can often be seen. Many parents also bring their children here to play. Tourists want to experience the life of local people here you 're right.

Five ancestral hall

One of the most important places to visit Haikou is the famous historical and cultural relics in Haikou. The ancient buildings, including xuepu hall, Xizhai, Dongzhai, Sugong temple, Qiongyuan and other ancient buildings, display the ancient official demotion culture. Friends who are interested can learn about it. Opposite to Wugong temple is Haikou Museum, which displays some life works of famous people in Haikou. You can visit them together .