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Where is the first LEGO Park in China? When does LEGO park open?

Recently, Lego park officially settled in Renshou County, Meishan, Sichuan Province. It plans to start construction at the end of this year and open in 2023. According to the information disclosed by local media, the total area of Tianfu LEGO Park project is 850 mu, with an annual average of 5 million tourists, including 10 sections of LEGO factory, building block world, pirate bank, mini world, LEGO Castle, Dinosaur Island, Lego City, Lego friends, Lego mirage ninja and LEGO water park. The first phase of the project will open two LEGO themed hotels with a total of 500 rooms.

LEGO Park in Renshou County, Meishan, Sichuan. This is the ninth LEGO Park in the world and the first in China after Denmark & middot; Copenhagen, UK & middot; Windsor, Germany & middot; tsburg, USA & middot; California, USA & middot; Florida, Malaysia & middot; Xinshan, UAE & middot; Dubai, Japan & middot; Nagoya. This is also after Shanghai Disney, Beijing Universal Studios, Sichuan ushered in the world's top theme park.

The first LEGO Park in Asia is located in Xinshan, Malaysia. After the completion of Tianfu LEGO Park, it will be nearly a quarter larger than Malaysia LEGO park! At the same time, Tianfu LEGO will be the 11th LEGO Park in the world after New York LEGO Park (planned to open in 2020) and Korea LEGO Park (planned to open in 2022).

The world's first LEGO park is located in Bilong, a small town on the East Bank of Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, covering an area of 25 hectares. Since its establishment in 1968, millions of tourists have come to visit it every year.

Lego is most famous for its building block products. LEGO park has a large number of building block elements, ranging from architecture to decoration, which are built with the help of hundreds of millions of Lego blocks, which is also the most significant symbol of LEGO park.

Of course, compared with Disneyland, which has a strong film and animation background, Lego's influence may be slightly inferior only by relying on toy building blocks.