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How many months is it best to visit Wuyuan in autumn?

When it comes to Wuyuan, the first thing you think of is rape flowers. You should know that every spring, rape flowers in Wuyuan attract people from all over the world to travel to this place. However, you don't know that Wuyuan's autumn is also very beautiful. In Huangling of Wuyuan, there is a beautiful scenery called "people in autumn". This is a picture that many photographers vie to capture. Recently, many tourists are visiting Note: it's time to bask in autumn in Huangling, Wuyuan, Jiangxi. If you want to go to the beautiful scenery, don't miss the time!

When is the most beautiful autumn in Wuyuan

It's the best time to watch 'sun drying autumn' from the middle of November to the end of December, but it's not the so-called autumn in Wuyuan. Here 'sun drying autumn' refers to the harvest in autumn. After a good harvest, you need to dry it. You can enjoy the special beauty of sun drying autumn. The colorful crops are scattered in the Hui style buildings in black and white. This unique scene is also selected as' the most beautiful ' Chinese symbol '. However, the autumn scenery of Wuyuan is also very beautiful.

In fact, there is no time limit for the beautiful scenery of Huangling in Wuyuan. There are scenery all the year round, but the scenery in spring and autumn is the most prominent. In spring, you can see the sea of rape flowers, in summer, you can play in the canyon, in autumn, you can enjoy the ancient village, in winter, you can enjoy the folk holiday. Spring and autumn is the peak season for tourism, so there will be a lot of tourists. If you want to go, please make a reservation in advance .