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Do you want tickets for Kaifeng? How much is the entrance fee? Free admission guide

Whenever we talk about Kaifeng, we have to talk about Kaifeng. Kaifeng is the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, which is famous all over the world. In such a magnificent and majestic place, people can't help asking, how much is the ticket price of Kaifeng Prefecture in Henan Province? Is it worth visiting? How many hours is the best?

Kaifeng mansion is located on the North Bank of Baogong East Lake in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, with a construction area of 13600 square meters. It echoes with Baogong temple in Baogong West Lake, and sets off against the rippling three lakes, forming a magnificent landscape of 'Dongfu West Temple' and green pavilions. Kaifeng mansion was built according to the French style of the Northern Song Dynasty, with the main hall, conference hall and plum blossom hall as the central axis, supplemented by more than 50 halls, such as tianqingguan, Mingliyuan, Qianlong palace, Qingxin building, prison, Yingwu building and Yin hotel. As a theme scenic spot, Kaifeng mansion combines movement with stillness, enjoys both refined and popular tastes, and makes history and romance mutually attractive. In Kaifeng, you can not only see a large number of precious historical materials, anecdotes and exhibitions, but also see a variety of performance activities such as' Kaiya ceremony ','baogong case solving','martial arts field welcoming performance ','spitting fire and changing face'. You can truly experience the significance of 'visiting Kaifeng, tasting song culture; worshiping Baolong, appreciating the healthy atmosphere of the world'.

How much is the ticket price of Kaifeng mansion

Ticket price: 50 yuan / person (adult ticket) 25 yuan / person (children ticket)

Opening hours: 8:00-19:00

Ticket collection place: ticket office of kaifengfu Scenic Area

Kaifeng government ticket price discount

1. Children under 1.4 meters in height can enter the scenic spot free of charge;

2. Senior citizens aged 70 or above are free of charge with their ID card and senior citizen card;

3. Soldiers, disabled persons and journalists in active service who hold military officer certificates, disability certificates and press cards issued by the State Administration of press and publication can enter the scenic spot free of charge with valid personal certificates;

4. College students with their student ID card can enjoy half price tickets (25 yuan / person);

5. The elderly aged 60-69 can enjoy half price tickets (25 yuan / person) with their valid ID cards;

6. Other tourists shall comply with relevant regulations.

Matters needing attention in Kaifeng

1. Tourists should buy tickets in order to enter the park, and should not be crowded, blocking roads and entrances and exits;

2. Visitors should take good care of every plant and tree in the park, and should not trample on the lawn, climb trees, flowers and fruits;

3. Visitors should protect the environment of the park clean and tidy, not spitting, littering waste gas;

4. Visitors should visit the park in a civilized way. It is strictly forbidden to engage in feudal superstition activities or gambling and other illegal activities in any form in the park;

5. Visitors are not allowed to fish, swim or bring pets into the park;

6. After the park is cleared, tourists should consciously leave the park, obey the management of the staff, and do not stay in the open.