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Mobai will be renamed meituan bike, and meituan app will be the only entrance to Mobai

Moby will be renamed meituan bicycle. What's the matter? On May 23, Wang Xing said in meituan's call to comment on the financial results of the first quarter of 2019 that in the future, he plans to rename Mobai as meituan bike. The latest version of meituan app has added the bike sharing function, and meituan will become the only entrance to Mobai in the future. 'bike sharing will help the company increase its users, which is why we acquired Mobai. '

On January 23, Wang Huiwen, the co-founder and senior vice president of meituan, disclosed in an internal letter that Liu Yu, CEO of Mobai bicycle, left Mobai because he joined the business. Mobai will become the bicycle business unit of meituan LBS Platform, and Wang Huiwen will also be the general manager of the bicycle business unit. In addition, employees of Mobai's offices in Beijing will move to the headquarters of meituan group at the end of February this year.

Wang Huiwen said in an internal letter that both meituan app and Mobai app support code scanning cycling. In the future, Mobai bicycle brand will be renamed as meituan bicycle, qiche. The reporter of Securities Daily found that by opening meituan app, you can directly use Moby bike by choosing 'sweep' or 'ride a bike'.

This is also the biggest move of meituan since its acquisition of Mobai on April 4 last year. According to Wang Huiwen, the entrance of Mobai app will be closed in the future, but the specific time has not been disclosed. This also means that all users of Mobai will need to download meituan app, which will have a predictable growth in the number of users of meituan.

As early as September 20, 2018, when meituan comments was listed on the main board of Hong Kong, China, Wang Huiwen said in an interview that Mobai is not a taxi related business. Meituan pays more attention to the integration of Mobai and the platform, and does not regard independent profit as Mobai's main short-term goal.

Then, at the end of October last year, meituan announced the establishment of "lbs" platform in its first organizational structure adjustment after listing, including "lbs" service, online car hailing, public transportation, unmanned distribution and other departments, so as to further enhance the basic service capacity of "lbs". The LBS? Platform is in the charge of Wang Huiwen.

After meituan acquired Mobai, there was no personnel shock in a short time. Although former CEO Wang Xiaofeng, CTO Xia Yiping and founder Hu Weiwei left one after another, there were not many changes directly related to employees.

Some internal employees of Moby said that from Hu Weiwei's decision to leave to the subsequent layoff action of Moby, Moby will take action under meituan, which is also predictable. "However, the above internal letter only mentioned that meituan app will be the only entrance to Mobai, and did not mention the layout of foreign countries, which may be related to meituan's foreign steps. '

According to the data, Moby pulled out of two cities, Manchester in the UK and Washington in the US, in 2018. The reasons given at that time were 'serious damage and theft of bicycles' and' trial operation in Washington for one year. The data is good, but the local government does not increase the quota '. In addition to these two cities, Mobai is still operating in 19 other countries it has entered.