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Want to learn English quickly? How to teach you practical and fast

With the development of China, we are constantly going out to the world, so it is very important to master a language that can be used in a big brother country. And English is the universal language in the world. Many people say that English is very difficult to learn. They can't learn it. That's because you didn't find the right way. Next, I will introduce how to learn English quickly. Let's take a look.

The most important thing to learn English is words, so you must recite more words. Many people memorize words by rote, so that they forget them very quickly. And sometimes the meaning of words is so much that it is difficult to memorize them. A quick way to memorize words is not to memorize one word, but to memorize the whole paragraph. To put it simply, memorize a short paragraph of an article completely. First of all, translate the paragraphs to be memorized accurately, and then try to understand them. Then you will find that you understand the meaning of the word, and you can also use the word. The words memorized in this way will be remembered for a long time and will not be easily forgotten.

Knowing a lot of words will start to know their more accurate pronunciation, so you must practice listening more. The normal test listening is very boring, you will not be interested. So if you want to improve your listening, you can watch American dramas and listen to English songs. You will practice your listening subtly in the process. And you can listen to BBC radio stations, which are all news broadcast in English. If you find that you can understand, Congratulations, your English level is very high.

If you want to learn English well, you can not only recite and listen, but also speak. Now many of us are actually learning 'dumb English', we can only do questions, unload paper, but can't say it. You can't improve your English at all. You can't learn English well. We must dare to say that we can try to communicate with our friends in English at ordinary times. The best way is to chat with foreign friends. Now the network is very developed, it is easy to find a foreign friend to chat.