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Kwai, did you eat your cat Sister? Cat Sister profile

For many people who like to watch TV, is it not strange for sister cat? Recently, sister cat revealed that she had had plastic surgery before live broadcast late at night, and there were many projects. However, because she was not satisfied after plastic surgery, she had general anesthesia three times in 50 days. Now the sequelae is very serious, and she has a headache when she sleeps at night. In fact, before the live broadcast, the whole face of sister cat changed a lot. Many people also suspected that cosmetic surgery was too powerful, or because of the live broadcast filter. Now it seems that sister cat has had cosmetic surgery.

A netizen shared the photos of the suspected cat Sister before and after the plastic surgery on the Internet, but it was a little fuzzy. He couldn't tell whether it was cat sister or not. The netizen also mentioned that the one who had plastic surgery was the 20 million netizen, and it might be cat Sister indeed.

Some time ago, sister cat just had a miscarriage. After taking good care of her body, sister cat chose to have plastic surgery. Sister cat's self explosion was broadcast live late at night, and she felt uncomfortable after plastic surgery. During the live broadcast, sister cat admitted that she had gone to Shanghai for cosmetic surgery, and said that she had done the tattoo + forehead fat filling + Apple muscle + chin. Now she regretted that because the chin was too sharp, if the effect was not ideal, she would take out all the fat again. She had three general anesthesia in 50 days, resulting in brain pain and sleep. Because cat sister has been dissatisfied with her face, so she took the fat from the inside of her thigh to fill her face.

Personal information of sister chibomao

Net red cat Sister Kwai Wang, who eats the bloggers, has about 20000000 fans on the fast hand, and gets twenty million powder by the sowing food. It is really fierce. At the very beginning, she said that she was miserable. The single parent family came out at the age of 17. However, there were many black materials for the cat and sister anchor. A cheated fan exposed her cheating chat record, and sister cat put the fan's information on the pornographic website and threatened her to delete the evidence & hellip; now most fans have turned black. In addition, she was changed by netizens. At first, she said that she was 94 years old, and then she said that she was 97 years old.

Nickname: big stomach King cat Sister M

Real name: Mao yuenian

Location: Shanghai

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 20, 1997

There is a certain difference between the appearance of cat Sister Su Yan and her appearance after makeup. Although her skin is dark yellow and looks very spiritless, her face after makeup is very delicate. Big Kwai Wang cat Sister, can say that cat sister is absolutely will not be closed off a person, cat sister is a ten million net red rely on quiet meals and super appetite, and a sweet appearance, fast sit big net red position. Cat sister is very comfortable when eating, and usually very lively and interesting.