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Two young men were chased and beaten by five people because their singing was too bad

Recently, Heilongjiang Jiamusi Xiangyang Branch baofenlu police station handled a fight case. Two young people were beaten by five people of the same age. The reason why they were beaten is quite strange. It's because the singing is ugly. Let's take a look at the details of being beaten in KTV.

It's too bad to sing. I was beaten in KTV

On the road, two young men were being beaten by five other people of similar age, according to the surveillance video of the accident section. The two beaten men were obviously outnumbered, only lying on the ground to be beaten. The beating lasted about two minutes, and the five young people who beat them just gave up and then went away. Why on earth would several people fight together?

The two victims said that they did not know each other and that they were just singing in a singing hall before the incident. The monitoring screen of the singing hall showed that one of the suspects went to the victim's table and said that the victim's singing was too bad.

The victim didn't pay attention at first, and then the suspect pointed at the victim with his finger, and then pointed to the direction of the entrance of the singing hall. Later, the two victims followed the suspect out of the singing hall. After going out, there was a scene of chasing on the road. According to the police of the security police station, the '(suspect) said that the other party's singing was bad. In fact, he didn't hear the other party's singing. He thought that there were five of them, and the other two men might not dare to have a conflict with them. '

Five provocative men have been detained by police

At present, both victims have been identified as slightly injured, while five suspects have been detained by the police for suspected provocation.

Just because of a word of fighting, all five young people will face criminal punishment. The price is really a bit high. This is a wake-up call for everyone. Don't be carried away by a moment's anger. You must keep calm after something happens. If you can think of the consequences at the first time, I believe such mistakes can be completely avoided.