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Want to solve the problem quickly? It's easy and fast

Every new year's day, the family will always be big fish and big meat. At this time, it's easy for you to lose control of yourself, and also easy to eat, which will lead to your food accumulation. What's the quick way to eat? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the solution of the accumulated food caused by different foods. Let's take a look.

First of all, you can consider using Hawthorn to kill food. Stir fried Hawthorn has the effect of reducing food consumption. You can use stir fried Hawthorn to boil water or drink water in case of indigestion, inappetence, stomach distention, etc. generally, you can take 30g, which can effectively relieve your symptoms. If you have diarrhea caused by accumulated food, you can drink it with water, because the Jiao Hawthorn can effectively relieve your symptoms by strengthening the spleen and stopping diarrhea. But you can't eat it casually, when you have an empty stomach, and pregnant women and people with stomach diseases can't eat it, or it will cause serious consequences.

If you eat too much fish and cause your accumulated food, you can use soy bean curd to solve it. Soy bean curd is rich in lactic acid bacteria that can help your symptoms. Because fish is an aquatic organism, there will be a lot of bacteria on the body, which is easy to deteriorate. Moreover, fish itself is a kind of cold food. Eating too much will cause stomach cold. This is what we often call "fish poison", and soy bean curd can effectively remove the "fish poison". Therefore, eating more soy bean curd dishes can effectively alleviate the accumulated food caused by eating too much fish.

If you eat more rice, noodles and other staple foods and cause your food accumulation, you can eat some baked bread slices and drink some fried rice porridge to solve it. If you eat more pasta, you should bake the steamed bread slices until it is burnt black before eating. The solidified layer on the steamed bread slices can neutralize your stomach acid and protect your stomach mucosa. If you eat more rice, you can use the burnt part left by steamed rice to cook porridge, or you can directly fry the rice to scorched yellow and then cook porridge, which can effectively alleviate your accumulated food.