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How to shed tears quickly? Tips to cry if you want

When we watch some TV plays, we are always overwhelmed by the acting skills of some actors. We always feel like actors are always able to cry when they want to, and the feelings are really free. So how did they do it? Of course, they have acting skills, but in addition to acting skills, they also have some tips for tears. Let's take a look at some quick tears tips and methods!

The first trick to shed tears quickly is the onion method. Using onions to shed tears is also a common method in TV series. When we want to cry quickly, we can use onions to cry. So how to cry? We just have to cut the onions. Cutting onions can make us cry quickly, or we can put them directly next to our eyes to make us cry quickly.

The second quick way to shed tears is to drop eyedrops. When our eyes are not comfortable, we usually think about buying some eye drops. So friends who use eye drops often know that eye drops can help us shed tears quickly, and stimulate our eyes to make our lacrimal glands produce tears. So when we want to shed tears quickly, we can consider buying some eye drops to drop eyes.

The third way to shed tears quickly is to watch some tragedies. Many times, TV programs and culture can move people's hearts. When we want to shed tears quickly, we can try to watch some heart abusing TV plays or movies, novels and so on. These things can touch our feelings, move us and make us cry. But this method is more suitable for people with delicate and sensitive mind.

In addition, if we eat a lot of pepper or smell something particularly irritating, it will stimulate our eyes and make us cry quickly. There are so many methods, you can choose what you like to try.