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Tiktok, Zheng Jianxiong, what makes it so hot? Chinese 0 can also test the second grade

Tiktok Zheng Jianxiong is who, is it very hot in these two days? Is it very loud? On the 22 day, a report on the first student in Xianyou, Fujian, shows the fire tiktok, which shows that the student named Chinese language "Zheng Jianxiong" has 0 points in the test, and the total score is 1 points behind the first Lin Jing, ranking second.

Netizen says with a smile, this is to learn bully to release water intentionally, for chase goddess. The reporter then contacted Zheng Jianxiong, who is 30 years old this year. He said that this is the transcript of his first year of high school in 2006. At that time, he bet with his friends that he could get the first grade in the Chinese test with a score of 0, but he lost because he didn't know Lin Jing because of love.

This recently popular report card still ranks second in the grade because of 0 in Chinese. What netizens are interested in is not only the second place, but also the total score of 1093, which is only 1 point behind the first place 'Lin Jing'. "Why are you willing to be the second?" Chinese deliberately scored 0, just to give up the first place for the goddess! "Enthusiastic netizens rely on this report card to supplement the campus love drama of Xueba chasing the goddess. For a while, a touching love story spread, Zheng Jianxiong was also recognized as deliberately releasing water just to chase girls, is that really the case?

On the evening of the 22nd, the reporter contacted Zheng Jianxiong. He said that the 'Zheng Jianxiong' in the hot Internet search was himself. He was 30 years old and his report card was from his freshman year in high school. I don't know who sent it on the Internet. Suddenly, he became angry. Zheng Jianxiong said that he studied in jianxianyou No.1 Middle School in high school. In 2006, he took an exam and bet with his friends that he could get the first grade even if he scored 0 in Chinese. After the results came out, he was one point behind Lin Jing. But he made it clear that he didn't know Lin Jing, and he didn't know why he was said to be chasing girls and deliberately releasing water. Tiktok: I forgot who first sent it out. I saw the sound of the sound on the roll, and then shook the voice and searched the list. Then micro-blog searched tiktok today. '

Zheng Jianxiong said that now he is a math teacher and a Taobao model, and working in a training center is a thing of the past. 'I bet my friend that I could be the first in the new year without taking the Chinese test, but I lost. It had nothing to do with Lin Jing. I didn't have a relationship with her, and I didn't chase her. I hope you don't disturb her. '