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What should I do if my waist flickers? What method can treat flash waist quickly?

There are often unforeseen accidents in life, such as slipping, running, causing waist sprain in walking, or muscle injury or tear in the waist due to excessive force or incorrect posture in the process of lifting or lifting some heavy objects. It often shows severe pain or can't walk or sit, so what should we do to make it better quickly when the waist is flashed? Come and have a look!

First of all, after flashing the waist, touch your waist with your hands, you will find that the waist suddenly becomes very hard. At this time, don't continue to move with strong support. You should have a rest for at least one week before you can move a little. It's the same with spraining our ankles. After we flash our waist, we can apply ice on our waist to relieve the spasm. After the spasm is relieved, the pain will be reduced accordingly. You can use a towel to wrap ice around your waist for one or two days.

Second, after one or two days of ice application, we can start hot application, which can accelerate the blood circulation in the waist and further reduce our pain. When resting at home, try not to let your waist load strength. You can lie on the left or right side, then bend your knees slightly and your back slightly. If you have been resting, but still can't get better after three or four days, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

Third, don't try to move or rotate your waist carefully after the flash injury. It's not only for the flash injury, but also for other back pain. It's a signal from your body. However, in order to make the recovery earlier, you can do other sports, such as turning your neck, moving your shoulders, ankle and so on.