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Turn yourself in after 15000 Zans. Are criminals so arrogant now

Jose, a 29 year old American man, is wanted by the police for illegal vehicle charges and possession of marijuana. When he found out that the police didn't put his photo on the front page of Facebook, he angrily sent a private letter and agreed with the police that he would turn himself in as long as he liked his photo more than 15000. As of the 22nd, the number of likes has exceeded 15000. It is reported that someone in the police station is ready to welcome him.

Can I get 15000 Zans? I'll turn myself in when I get them together. Connecticut police revealed an "interesting" wanted man on Facebook Tuesday. The wanted man negotiated with the police to turn himself in if he had 15000 likes under the wanted poster on Facebook.

According to Russia today (RT) on the 22nd, the suspect, Jose & middot; Sims, 29, with seven arrest warrants, has been "very low-key" in New York and wanted by Torrington, Connecticut police for failing to attend the court on the appointed date. Torrington police have released facial photos of Jose and another wanted man.

Jose contacted police on Wednesday to turn himself in if his wanted poster gets 20000 likes on Facebook, the report said. After negotiating with second lieutenant Brett & middot; Johnson, Jose set his approval number at 15000.

Torrington police said on Facebook: 'earlier this week, Jose negotiated with me (Brett & middot; Lt. Johnson) and agreed to surrender to Torrington police if we could get 15000 likes on this post (I said 10000 likes, he said 20000, and finally we took an average). It will be difficult, but it will work. So please & lsquo; like & rsquo; this article. Forward and share on social platforms such as twitter. '

In addition, Torrington police also said that if the public knows where Jose and another wanted man are, please tell the police to rescue the police from the suspense of '15000 Zans'.

According to the report, the Torrington police post received nearly 9000 likes in 13 hours. Jose may have to live up to his promise. By the time of press release on the 23rd, the number of likes on the post had reached 17000, but the latest Facebook information from the police showed that Jose had not surrendered.

Netizens expressed their views on this matter under the post. Some netizens praised the police for doing so.

Netizen Marilyn: 'like it, share it. Torrington police are doing a great job. Keep it safe. '

Netizen Tracy: 'that's a good idea. '

Jamie: 'it's great to know the police. '

Some netizens said it was one of the craziest requests they had ever asked for.

Netizen Melanie: 'like to share. It's one of the craziest requests I've ever asked for. But you (police) risk your lives every day to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your service. I hope Jose is a man who keeps his promise. '

Some netizens expressed distrust of the words of the wanted man Jose.

Netizen Tina: 'Jose is probably lying. That's what bad people usually do. '

Do you think Jos will turn himself in?