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What to do without muscles? What are the quick ways to increase muscle?

We all know that exercise has many benefits. It can not only increase life, but also strengthen our body, improve our body's immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases. It can also relax our nerves and relieve the fatigue of working or studying in a day. But there are still a large number of people who exercise just to grow their muscles. After a long time of exercise, the effect is not obvious. Maybe the exercise method is wrong. So let's look at some ways to grow muscle quickly!

First of all, to increase the muscle volume, we can use small weight and high-frequency training methods, instead of using a large weight dumbbell at the beginning, which will increase the capillary in the muscle, but the strength and speed will not be improved, only the tolerance will be improved. The best load to increase muscle volume is five to ten RM.

Second, to have a concentrated training, many people think that they have worked hard and need to exercise muscles every day, so they take dumbbells to do several groups and move themselves. In fact, this is a waste of time. Instead of taking time out to exercise a little bit, it is not like taking an hour every day to focus on exercising muscles in a certain place. Every movement should be done enough It takes a long time to stimulate the muscles.

Third, the speed should be slow, do not try to be fast. You can hold the dumbbell in your hand, slowly lift it up, and then slowly put it down, which can stimulate the growth of muscles. If you lift the dumbbell up and quickly put it down, it is a waste of the best time to grow muscles.

Fourth, when exercising, the density should be high, that is to say, the rest time between the two groups should not be too long, only one minute rest, so as to make the muscles grow rapidly.