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How to identify seaweed facial mask? Fake seaweed will destroy your face when it is used

The girls who love beauty are still more familiar with seaweed. Many people like seaweed mask especially. Seaweed mask is natural. The effect of replenishing water is very good. So this pure natural replenishment mask can be put on the same day. But according to Xiaobian, there are many fake goods on the market. How do we identify the true and false seaweed mask? Fake seaweed will destroy your face after it is used. The consequences are terrible.

Methods / steps:


The fake seaweed mask is actually the ice powder seed on the land. Its beauty function can not be compared with the real seaweed mask at all, so it is very important to learn how to distinguish the true and false seaweed mask. Seaweed, which grows in the ocean, has a lot of colors, so there are many colors for making the mask. For example, the mask of brown algae is black, green algae are green, red algae are red. The fake seaweed mask can only appear black and brown because it uses the old seeds of ice powder seeds. Compared with the mask, the fake mask color is much darker than the real mask.


The real seaweed mask is pure natural, with excellent manufacturing technology, less impurities, and no artificial chemical processing, which is very green. This is also one of the reasons why people love it. The congenitally deficient seaweed mask is not only because of its poor processing, but also because it has some impurities and because of its inherent deficiencies, it needs to add some gelatin, so in some of the fake seaweed mask with poor manufacturing technology, it can also see the 'white powder' directly.

Performance after immersion

True seaweed mask absorbs water very quickly. When a small amount of water is put into the mask, it will be absorbed instantly. In contrast, the fake seaweed mask is not good for water absorption, and there is a feeling of blistering sand. Moreover, the seaweed mask is better adjusted when stirred. The fake seaweed mask is not well adjusted, and some even become a group. In short, it is difficult to get rid of it.

Germination test

Some businessmen say, "my seaweed mask is a natural seaweed seed that can germinate in the soil." I don't know that real seaweed has no seeds. Because the propagation mode of seaweed is asexual propagation, and seaweed is a plant living in the sea. The climate on land is not suitable for it at all. If you want to germinate on land, how good your planting technology is!