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How does pinduoduo respond to Midea? Pinduoduo responds to withdrawal of major brands

How did pinduoduo respond to Meide? What did pinduoduo say in response to Meide? Many friends still don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How does pinduoduo respond to Midea

On May 23, it was reported that Midea, Supor, Jiuyang and other home appliance manufacturers had withdrawn from pinduoduo, which caused a heated discussion among netizens. This news also rekindled people's doubts about pinduoduo's selling counterfeit goods. Seeing that the public opinion became more and more noisy, pinduoduo's official finally made a response to this matter.

On the afternoon of May 22, dada, the founder of pinduoduo, responded: "any valuable brand and valuable commodity will not completely withdraw from a valuable platform. '

At the same time, dada also mentioned that "domestic large-scale 'economies' compete with pinduoduo in' one out of two '. This is not only a new normal in the field of domestic commercial competition, but also a side confirmation of the development speed of pinduoduo, which has 443 million years of active buyers, as well as its value and market potential for the brand. '

What's interesting is that dada also mentioned such hot issues as US sanctions against Huawei and Hikvision. Dada said: 'Huawei and Hikvision are being chosen by the world powers, which shows that their products are very competitive. '

Pinduoduo platform failed to bring good experience to consumers

What can we say about this? Although pinduoduo takes care of itself and emphasizes the value of its own platform, we don't know that it needs to be hard to forge iron. We don't deny that pinduoduo has become the pioneer of new domestic e-commerce with social networking, and the cost-effective way of playing is indeed a sharp weapon. But behind the low price, it should not be a carnival of all kinds of fake goods, which obviously goes against pinduoduo's original intention.

In this regard, Xiaobian just wants to say that social networking plus low price has established pinduoduo's position in the world. However, if you only focus on the price and ignore the quality of products, in the long run, it is obviously self defeating. Perhaps, as SUPOR said in the letter of communication on termination of authorization of pinduoduo flagship store, pinduoduo platform failed to bring good experience to consumers, which is why the home appliance brands staged a collective retreat.