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In the autumn, I'll gain three laps. Here's a quick way for Amway, who is struggling to lose weight

Weight loss is a permanent topic among women, such as how to lose weight, how to lose weight healthily, how to lose weight effectively and effectively.

At that time, I was fond of eating and didn't exercise for a long time, but what I hate is that I didn't eat fat, but it didn't last long. After graduation, I became as fat as a balloon, and now I only envy others. So weight loss has become my top priority. After a series of unhealthy weight loss methods such as diet and weight-loss drugs, I still choose to become a member of the fitness force. However, fitness takes a long time, takes effect slowly and is hard to stick to. It's hard not to lose weight. Finally, I found a simple and fast exercise to lose weight.

That's rope skipping. When it comes to skipping, it's our childhood memories. I didn't expect that simple activities have become a very practical and quick way to lose weight. However, the necessary rope skipping skills should be mastered so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

How can jump achieve the effect of fast weight loss? Next, I'll teach you three simple ways to lose weight by skipping rope. You can lose weight quickly! Choose one of these ways to lose weight by skipping rope.

1. Simple rope skipping

Preparation: put your feet together for 2 to 3 minutes (3 to 5 cm) of jumping practice.

Start skipping, and pay attention to the arc swing of the wrist. Beginners jump 10 to 20 times first. After a minute's rest, repeat 10 to 20 times. Non beginners can jump 30 times, rest for 1 minute, and then jump 30 times.

2. Sideways jump

This action can train your endurance and strengthen your abductor and adductor muscles. They stand on the left and right sides of the skipping rope one before and one after the other, first jump forward with one leg on one side, and then jump back to their original position with a slanting body. When jumping, you should swing your arms hard. Take a rest of 10 seconds after jumping for 1 minute and repeat twice.

3. Double arm cross jump

First do the rope skipping preparation (see method 1), and then cross your arms. When the rope is in the air, cross the arms. After skipping the crossed rope, the arms return to the original state in reverse, which can effectively exercise the arm muscles.