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Said good together pastes autumn Piao, turned around you actually became the small waist essence A m

It's autumn again. Buying, buying, eating and eating not only bring us happiness but also a lot of by-products - fat. And this annoying fat also likes to pile up in the waist and abdomen, forming an ugly 'swimming circle', also known as' Autumn glance '. Look at the girl who plays well at ordinary times, but her belly is flat. Does she have any 'secret weapons'.

Under my coercion and inducement, the boat for our friendship can travel further, and the stingy girl finally succumbed to my coercion and told me his secret moves. It turns out that I usually watch my best friend eating, drinking and drinking together. I have a plan to practice an action after I go home. You are right. It's just an action!! It's a big difference between me and her to stick to this action.

Here's a super simple and effective action that you can complete just by persisting in practicing and staying at home, that is, complete abdominal suction training. Is it very novel? My friend said that her classmates abroad told her to practice it. It's said that it's passed from the Weimi supermodel circle.

What is full suction practice, as shown in the picture. In this exercise, you should first support your hands and knees on the ground at the same time (you can sit relaxed or lie on your back), then spit out all the air, try to empty the air in your chest and abdomen as much as possible, and at the same time, try to breathe in your abdomen as much as possible. Keep it for about 20-30 seconds at a time, then relax, and repeat 2-3 times. The movement is simple and can be easily completed at home without using props. Let's move quickly, sisters.

And my best friend secretly told me that this movement can not only help you to build a slim waist, but also exaggerate the fullness of your chest and chest. At the same time, it can also expand the cup and say goodbye to the bloated. The devil's figure only needs one step. Why not? Let's secretly slim down in autumn and winter happily. In summer, let's be a charming little waist and little belly together!