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What is the meaning of ice breaking operation dark net? Does the dark net really exist

Recently, the ice breakers have mastered a new word, dark net. Do you know what dark net means? What's the function of dark net?

The introduction of the dark network on the Internet is a special network that can only be accessed through special software, authorization or special settings on the computer. Such a network can not be found on the general search engine, and the dark network can not be found by using conventional technology.

Dark net is so mysterious, which is related to its function and function, because all the transactions here are illegal. It can be said that there is nothing that can't be bought on dark net. In short, the dark network is the existence of the dark network, where are underground transactions.

What is the meaning of dark net in ice breaking operation

In ice breaking operation, Zhao Jialiang gets in touch with the people in tazhai village from the dark net, and it's not so easy to get into the dark net. He also needs a secret key, which is not available to everyone. Zhao Jialiang also gets the secret key of the dark net through his boss. From this point, we can see that the dark net is very mysterious and cautious, although it's not easy to get into the dark net It is not legal, but it is a relatively safe platform for underground trading.

No matter which country it is, the crackdown on the dark net is very strong, because the transactions on the dark net are really heinous. In operation ice breaking, tazhai wants to carry out drug transactions through the dark net. In addition, the dark net can also carry out various illegal transactions such as human trafficking, money laundering, hiring murderers and so on.