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Why Wu Xieyu killed his mother

Original title: what is the content of Wu Xieyu's autobiography and the latest development of Wu Xieyu's mother killing case

Late at night on the 28th, Guangzhou Daily's all media reporter exclusively learned from the relevant police officers the latest news of Wu Xieyu's "mother killing case at Peking University": on the morning of the 28th, the police arranged for Wu Xieyu to write a autobiography.

'in the morning, my classmate went to the trial. He said that he (Wu Xieyu) cried when he wrote. The official said that he believed the book would answer some of the public's doubts: "there should be some new information (from Wu Xieyu himself). '

As for the relevant content of the case itself, the insider said that the investigators did not disclose too much: 'but the other side said, (Wu) did say that his father had a great influence on him. '

On the other hand, the Internet we media reported that Wu Fu was cheating, and all media reporters of Guangzhou Daily also got a definite reply from the insider: it's really a rumor.

According to the investigators, Wu's father did not cheat. But most of the public guesses are right. As for what "most" refers to, the insider did not specify.

The reporter also mentioned Wu's sentencing standard. The other side said: 'the death penalty (sentencing standard) is very harsh. At present, the social influence is too big, and it is still inconclusive. '

In addition, the reporter also asked the insider other related questions, including whether he has found a lawyer, whether his family has visited Wu Xieyu himself, how is Wu Xieyu's mental state, whether he is depressed, and so on. The other party said that he would reply later.