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Slow counting? That's because you haven't read this article!

Single point counting is the most common method in our life. It is widely used with high frequency. Whether bank staff or not can use this method, but this counting method is to count one by one, which is more laborious. The advantage is that it is easy to find counterfeit or broken money. Let's learn how to count money quickly!

First of all, we should learn to hold the ticket correctly. The left hand holds the bill horizontally, the lower part of the bill faces our body, the left hand thumb leaves a quarter to the left end of the bill, the ring finger and the little finger naturally bend below, the index finger and the middle finger hold the bill at the same time, turning the bill into a fan. Then you can count the bills. Hold the bills in your left hand, and hold the top right corner of the bills in your right hand to start twisting one by one. Note that the twist should be small, otherwise the note may fall. At the same time of twirling, we start to count. Because the speed is too fast, we can use group counting method, that is, 123456789123456789 and so on. This method is simple and fast.

Second, you can also use the single finger multi note counting method. As the name implies, when counting money, one finger points two or more pieces of money, which is called single finger multi piece counting method. Although this method is very fast, but it also has disadvantages, that is, when more than one sheet is used, the counterfeit or damaged notes in the middle cannot be observed very well. The method is similar to the first one. Group counting can be used for counting, such as 24680 and so on.

Third, multi counting. When counting notes, twist the notes downward with four fingers at a time, and count four at a time. This method is the most efficient method, and group counting method is also adopted when counting.