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Men celebrate 520 results into the hospital! Does the princess care about her posture

In order to celebrate '520', I had a close 'Princess hug' with my girlfriend, which made Wuhan boy Li Shuai (pseudonym) laugh and cry, but it led to his arm fracture. The news instantly shocked the circle of friends, who did not expect the man to celebrate 520 results into the hospital! Does the princess care about her posture?

At noon on the 20th, Li Shuai, a 20-year-old young man, walked into the emergency department of orthopedics of Wuhan fourth hospital with his right hand. Doctor Huang Zhenfeng saw that Li Shuai's right elbow was seriously deformed at a glance, and preliminarily judged that Li Shuai's arm should have been fractured. After further CT examination, it was found that the patient's right elbow fracture with dislocation.

Li Shuai regretted hearing the doctor's diagnosis. It turned out that he and his girlfriend had a big dinner together to celebrate 520. After dinner, Li Shuai suddenly wanted to have a 'Princess hug'. Although he weighed less than 130 Jin, he thought his arm strength was enough and insisted on holding his heavier girlfriend horizontally. Unexpectedly, as soon as I tried hard, the accident happened.

"It was too late when he found that he couldn't hold it." Li Shuai heard a click, and then his arm hurt. He told the doctor that because of the lack of strength, he picked up his girlfriend and she slipped off her arm. Li Shuai felt a sharp pain in his arm and realized that it might be a fracture. They arrived at the hospital.

At present, the patient's injury is more serious, in addition to fractures, ligaments are also injured, after reduction, later also need to accept surgical treatment. Huang Zhenfeng said that he had received patients with waist injuries caused by Princess hugging, but the occurrence of arm fractures was relatively rare. In addition to physical problems, it may also be related to Li Shuai's posture at that time. He reminded that holding people in the way of 'Princess hug', squatting too hard or using incorrect squatting posture, is also easy to pull the waist. If you don't squat down and bend down to hold people or heavy objects, it is easy to cause waist fracture. The correct posture should be squatting, two legs together to support the body, head, chest, knee joint in an angle, right foot in front, left foot in the back, two legs close to squat down, right foot on the ground, leg vertical to the ground, left heel up, foot on the ground, and then hold up.