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What is the 4050 policy? How much is the 4050 policy subsidy in 2019

4050 policy is an important measure to promote the employment of disadvantaged groups. Before December 31, 2011, people over 40 years old for women and over 50 years old for men can apply for social insurance subsidies. What is the new policy of 4050 in 2019?

What is the 4050 policy

'4050' flexible employment social security subsidy refers to the town'4050 '(male 50-60 years old, female 40-50 years old) employees with employment difficulties, rural soldiers and landless farmers who are engaged in self-employed or flexible employment, and who pay social insurance premium in the form of flexible employment according to law, can enjoy social security subsidy of no more than 3 years. The '4050' members of the enterprise restructuring personnel and the volunteers recruited by the labor department can enjoy five years of service. Those who apply for the first time less than five years before the legal retirement age can extend their service to retirement.

4050 social security subsidy policy

If users meet the 4050 social security subsidy policy, they can take the relevant payment certificate and ID card to the local flexible employment window to get the 4050 social security subsidy application form and issue the corresponding flexible employment certificate after paying the endowment insurance and medical insurance of the current year.

After getting the above information, users can go to the local labor and social security center to submit relevant information after completing the form. After the approval, the Ministry of finance will allocate funds. Once the user receives the notification of successful application, he can follow the notification.

It is understood that at present, there are differences in the subsidy treatment in different regions. For example, in Beijing, the subsidy is 6700 yuan a month, and 7000 yuan a year; in some places, the subsidy is lower, such as Weihai, the maximum is 5000 yuan a year, and the minimum is 3850 yuan a year.