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How do parents reduce pressure on their children before college entrance examination? What are the w

Before the college entrance examination, many senior three students are nervous. Parents can adopt a positive attitude of encouragement, which can greatly reduce the children's learning pressure. After all, the negative attitude of parents to their children often increases the children's learning pressure. Now let's take a look at how parents reduce pressure on their children.

What are the ways to reduce pressure on children

1. Son, we support you and do well in the exam!

2. If we can't get into the key universities, we are ready for other universities.

The result is not important, the important thing is that you work hard.

We believe in you.

Don't always think about the result, just try your best.

6. Go out and play!

Don't look, go to bed!

8. You are sure to do well in the exam!

9. Just go to college.

What are the ways to relieve senior three children

1. Optimize emotions

Psychologists believe that emotion plays a very important role in the process of learning. For the same thing, different perspectives lead to different emotions and different results. In the stage of meeting the college entrance examination and the college entrance examination, parents should teach their children how to transfer their emotions, so that they can adjust their emotions to the best state, so that they can play better.

2. Positive suggestion

Positive suggestion can strengthen children's confidence, but negative suggestion can reduce children's confidence and increase their worry. Parents should inspire their children to give positive hints according to their own situation before the exam. For example: 'everyone will be nervous in such an exam. Whoever adjusts quickly in the exam can do better. "I can do it!" I make great progress! "I like challenges!" through good self suggestion, you can dispel worries, overcome cowardice, restore self-confidence, and adjust your mood to the best.

3. Strengthen self confidence

If self-confidence can't make children succeed, losing self-confidence will lead to failure. No matter whether the child's performance is particularly top-notch, or there is a certain gap with other people's children, do not forget to let the child get up with self-confidence every day. No matter what, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Before the college entrance examination, we should tell our children not to blame themselves too much for their own shortcomings, but to think more about their own advantages and potential, so as to stimulate self-confidence.

4. Improving the environment

There will be many college entrance examination activities before the college entrance examination. There will be a countdown to the college entrance examination in the class, and there will also be countdown to the college entrance examination in some families. Originally, every day in class, the teacher would repeatedly emphasize that the college entrance examination is approaching, which all put pressure on the children all the time and put them in a tense mood.

5. Correct guidance of parents

College entrance examination has been given too much significance than the college entrance examination itself. Not only the parents of senior three students, but also their relatives and friends will care about the college entrance examination of senior three students. What they care about is only the college entrance examination results.

In fact, this is putting the cart before the horse. Senior three children are growing up. This phenomenon is not conducive to the growth of senior three students. College entrance examination results are important, but children's growth is equally important.