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What fruit does liver fire flourishing eat? Four kinds of fruits recommended for removing liver fire

The liver is an important detoxification organ of our body. Once the internal heat of the liver becomes inflamed, it will have a certain impact on our daily life. Therefore, we should pay attention to diet conditioning to improve the situation of hyperactivity of liver fire at this time. So what fruit should we eat for hyperactivity of liver fire? Here are some suggestions for you to eat more when you go to liver fire.

What fruit does liver fire flourishing eat

1. Water chestnut

Water chestnut is cold and nontoxic. It has the functions of clearing away heat and appetizing, warming the middle and replenishing qi, sobering up and digesting. As a kind of rhizome fruit, it has certain pharmacological effects. It can also be used in the cases of sore throat, fever and thirst in daily life. When our body appears the situation of excessive liver fire, people are easy to have sore mouth and thirst. At this time, eating water chestnut can help alleviate such symptoms.

2. Pear

Pear is widely used in our daily life, not only as a daily fruit, but also has a certain therapeutic value. Pear has the functions of generating body fluid to quench thirst, clearing away heat and reducing fire, moistening lung and removing dryness, which is very suitable for patients with febrile and thirst. Pear juice is abundant, taste sweet, whether it is raw or cooked to eat, the liver fire situation has a certain improvement.

Four kinds of fruits for liver fire

3. Pitaya

People with strong liver fire should eat cold fruits. Pitaya is one of the cold foods. Pitaya has a sweet taste and is one of the best fruits for reducing liver fire. Proper daily consumption of Pitaya also has other health functions, such as improving eyesight and reducing fire, preventing constipation, beautifying skin and preventing anemia. In addition, some patients with angular stomatitis, neuritis and high cholesterol are very suitable for eating pitaya.

4. Grape

Grape is known as one of the fruits of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver. For the people with liver fire and discomfort, grape is a good nourishing fruit. In addition, grape is very rich in nutritional value, can provide a variety of nutrients for the human body, among which the strong antioxidant effect can also help the human body to resist aging.

In addition, people with liver fire should not eat hot spicy food to avoid aggravating fire.