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Boeing company is claimed by China Eastern Airlines, Boeing may face 4 trillion huge compensation

Boeing's 737max8 aircraft two accidents, can be said to be a huge impact. After the air crash, China has become the first country in the world to ban the aircraft. Recently, Chinese airlines also raised the banner of safeguarding rights for the first time, and Boeing's compensation may reach as high as 4 trillion yuan.

Boeing company claimed by China Eastern Airlines

According to reports, China Eastern Airlines has formally filed a claim with Boeing for the 737max grounded incident. The scope of the claim includes the loss caused by the company's 14 Boeing 737max aircraft grounded for a long time since March 11, and the delay in delivery of the 737max aircraft ordered by the company earlier. This is not only the third airline in the world to formally file a claim after United Airlines and Norwegian airlines, but also the first one in the Chinese market. It is reported that Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are initially discussing a joint claim to Boeing for 737max's suspension. This move will become a stepping stone, and then a series of airlines will come out to claim for compensation.

Boeing 737max has been grounded for the second month, which has brought billions of dollars of losses to the Chinese market. You should know that the Chinese market has introduced 96 Boeing 737max8 models, including China Southern Airlines (24), China Aviation (15), China Eastern Airlines (14), Hainan Airlines (11), Xiamen Airlines (10), Shenzhen Airlines (5), Shandong Airlines (7), Xiangpeng Airlines (3), Aokai Airlines (2), Fuzhou Airlines (2) and Kunming Airlines Airlines (2 aircraft) and nine yuan Airlines (1 aircraft). With the extension of the time limit of the grounded order, this amount will further increase. It is conservatively estimated that if the unit price of each Boeing 737max8 is US $100 million, the company will pay US $5 billion.

Boeing company loses a lot of brand value because of frequent air accidents

In fact, the reason why Boeing did not mention the compensation and kept silent about the cause of the accident is that its current business situation is very worrying. First, its stock price fell by 20% in the past two months, and the stock price evaporated by more than 50 billion US dollars. According to foreign media reports, brand finance, a British brand value inspection agency, said that the Boeing 737max air crash resulted in the loss of Boeing's products The brand lost 12 billion US dollars (about 80.4 billion yuan) in value.

Boeing's ultimate loss could reach 4 trillion yuan

At present, US investigators are checking whether Boeing has any false statements or omissions about the safety performance of the new aircraft. The U.S. rarely launches criminal investigations against manufacturers after a plane crash, and Boeing has almost broken the U.S. precedent this time, he said. More importantly, if the United States determines that Boeing lied about the safety performance of the aircraft, then Boeing will face fraud prosecution from the federal government. In this regard, industry insiders believe that if the United States decides to sue, Boeing may be fined a large amount, but even if it does not sue, Boeing will have to deal with the compensation claims from the families of the victims. So far, the delivery of Boeing's aircraft has been suspended, coupled with the amount of claims from all walks of life, Boeing's final loss may be as high as 4 trillion yuan.

Affected by the two crashes of 737max8, Boeing not only failed to receive new orders for the 737max8, but also involved orders for 747, 767, 777 and other aircraft. Boeing has suffered an unprecedented crisis of trust. At present, it is impossible for Boeing 737max8 to go around in a short time.