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Henan driving test new rules clock time! What's the new policy of "clock in and time out" in driving

Henan driving test new rules clock time! What's the new driving test 'clock in' policy? According to the report on August 24, Henan Provincial Road Transport Administration Bureau and Traffic Police Corps of Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued the notice on promoting the docking and application of Henan Provincial driving training supervision service platform and Public Security Internet traffic safety comprehensive service management platform. Since October 1, Henan Province has officially implemented the "clock in and timing" training system, and the trainees can make advance payment only after completing the specified class hours About the exam.

It is understood that in the past, although the driving school had certain requirements on the training time of the students, whether the students could take the test had little to do with the training time, but it was directly linked with the training level. As long as they met the test requirements, they could take the test. After the implementation of the new regulations, the syllabus stipulates the corresponding class hours. Students can only make an appointment for the examination after they have learned enough class hours.

According to the previous driving test regulations, some students with strong learning ability can learn to drive fast. Among the students registered in the same batch, it often takes only more than a month to get their driving license in advance. But now with the class hour requirement, it will take more than two months to get the driver's license under the normal schedule.

Henan requires the road transport management departments at all levels to establish the responsibility investigation and exit mechanism of illegal training, establish the teaching service quality supervision and evaluation complaint system based on students, regularly evaluate the training quality and service level of driving training institutions and coaches, and publish the results to the society.

It is reported that Henan will impose joint punishment on those driving training institutions who reduce training contents and class hours, forge or tamper with training system data, and issue training completion certificates in violation of regulations. Those who commit crimes will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.