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How does sunscreen besmear sunscreen effect best? It's important to learn to apply correctly

Is the hot summer sun very frightening? If you don't want to be a black girl in summer, you must do a good job in sunscreen. So how to apply sunscreen in summer? The correct steps of applying sunscreen must be mastered!

Pay attention to apply enough! Apply sunscreen properly and evenly

Many people think it's wasteful to apply too much sunscreen, so they only apply a thin layer of sunscreen. In fact, it doesn't meet the standard, and the anti ultraviolet effect will be reduced accordingly. 'moderate 'is about one square centimeter of skin covered with 0.2 mg sunscreen, feel a little bit more words actually just right. However, if you apply a lot at a time, it may be uneven. The correct way is to apply a small amount of it many times and layer by layer.

Apply the isolation cream on the sunburn

People's face, especially the prominent places such as cheeks and nose, is the most vulnerable to sunburn. These parts should be applied with sunscreen for many times. If you want to improve the sun protection effect, you can apply sunscreen cream or liquid foundation after sunscreen. If you find it troublesome, you can only use the foundation cream to smear it repeatedly to maintain the UV protection effect.

Avoid once and for all, timely coating is the right way

Ordinary sunscreen products are poor in waterproof and Perspiration resistance, which will be invalid after a long time. If you are outdoors for a long time, you should apply sunscreen in time. Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours in the shade. Face avoid eye makeup, use makeup water to wipe off the makeup part, refill sunscreen and foundation fluid, and will not affect makeup. The harm of ultraviolet rays is not just simple tanning, but will become the culprit of wrinkles and brown spots in the future. Therefore, sunscreen is particularly important when you are young. For the sake of skin health, together with the correct use of sunscreen products, it is safe to prevent ultraviolet rays.

6 steps to apply sunscreen:

1. Use sunscreen all year round. Many people are sure to use sunscreen only when the weather is hot, just like Xiaobian, because our skin can be easily tanned by the sun. In fact, not only in summer, no matter what season, even in cloudy days, the power of ultraviolet rays can not be underestimated. Although we can't see it now, melanin slowly accumulates in our body, which will affect our skin over time.

2. Before using sunscreen, clean the skin first, and then apply makeup water. If it is dry skin, you can apply the lotion once again and then apply a layer of lotion, then use sunscreen. If you want to be exposed to the sun for a long time, Xiaobian suggests that you use SPF30 / PA + or above products. If you stay in the office for a long time and face the computer, you only need to use SPF15 / PA + products.

3. Sunscreen must be applied evenly, don't just remember the face, but forget the neck, arms and other parts. Otherwise, when we arrive, we will find that our faces are black everywhere, and we are not good-looking. Don't forget behind our ears!

4. Sunscreen should be applied about 20 minutes before going out, because sunscreen does not have the effect of sunscreen, so it needs time for skin to absorb. And sunscreen doesn't last a whole day, so reapply sunscreen when you sweat more or apply sunscreen for a few hours.

5. Don't mix different brands of sunscreen. Many people use several brands of sunscreen in pursuit of better sunscreen effect in order to completely protect their fair and delicate skin. It's wrong to mix different brands of sunscreens together. Not only do they repel each other and fail to achieve the ideal sunscreen effect, but also they may cause allergy. In fact, many excellent sunscreens have good sunscreen effect, so you don't need to use so many products.

6. Use makeup remover. Don't think that you need to use makeup remover only after you put on heavy makeup. You still need to remove makeup after you use sunscreen and isolation cream, so as to avoid sunscreen residue blocking pores on the skin, causing rough skin or acne and other problems.