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What about edema? What are the ways to get rid of edema quickly?

Many girls wake up in the morning with puffiness on their faces. They not only look fat, but also feel listless and sloppy. In addition to puffiness on their faces, their legs will also be puffy. So, since the legs are not very visible, today we mainly talk about the methods to eliminate the puffiness of the face.

The first method is salt water application. This method is very simple, and the materials are easy to get. Take a tablespoon of fine salt from your kitchen, prepare two pieces of fine gauze, put the fine salt into warm water, mix it, soak it evenly, put the fine gauze into the wet, then fold the gauze into two square cloth, and apply it to your eyes, and take it down about 20 minutes later. This method is very suitable for first aid in the morning. Note that the water temperature should be higher than usual, but not too high, so as not to burn the eye skin.

The second way is to apply cold and hot alternately to the eyes. First, prepare two towels, then two basins of water. One is hot and the other is cold. First, put the towel in hot water to soak, and then put the other towel in cold water to soak. Fold the two towels into a square shape. Apply the hot towel first, then the cold towel. Apply the hot towel for about 15 minutes, then the cold towel for 10 minutes. Generally, one application will have an effect. If you have enough time, you can repeat it several times.

The third method is massage. You can gently massage your eyes and upper and lower eyelids with your finger abdomen, which can accelerate the drainage of water around your eyes, and make your qi and blood more unobstructed. Note that the massage time for each position should not be too long, five to ten minutes is enough.

The fourth way is to drink black coffee. Caffeine can speed up the excretion of urine and also burn the body's calories, so if you don't have much time, make a cup of strong black coffee!