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How often does headache do? Introduce several quick treatment methods of headache

Headache is a very painful symptom. It brings a lot of pain to people. It's hard to eat, work, study and so on. It's hard to do anything. So what are the ways to relieve headache quickly? Let's have a look!

First of all, the first method, when we have a headache, we can use ice bags to apply ice, prepare a towel, a few ice blocks, wrap the ice blocks in the towel, and then apply them to the place where we feel headache. This method can make the blood vessels in the head contract and play a role in reducing symptoms.

The second method, if the headache is not very serious, you can find a place that is quiet all around and dark enough to sleep for a short time. Lie down and rest. Generally, the headache that is not very serious will be relieved until it disappears in the first half of an hour.

The third method, massage, headache, can let others help or massage themselves, can effectively alleviate headache. Gently press the head with the index finger, you can press the temple, you can press the forehead, you can also gently roll back and forth in the head with your fist.

The fourth way is to drink some green tea if you have a headache. There are some substances in green tea that can relieve migraine very well, so we can drink some green tea in proper amount to overcome slight headache. We can also listen to some soothing music and meditate. It's better to listen to the sounds of nature, which will make you forget the pain.

The fifth method is to wrap a towel around the head. Although it looks funny, this method is really a new way to treat headache. Wrapping the cloth around the temple can inhibit the expansion of blood vessels and relieve headache.