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What to do with dark circles? What are the ways to remove the dark circles quickly?

The black eye is a very common symptom. You can't see it after staying up for one or two times. After staying up for a long time, the black eye will be very obvious, like a panda. We all know that staying up late is not good, but sometimes we stay up late because of work and study. Black eye circle for a time and a half will not go, just want to watch silently tell yourself not to stay up late. So what are some quick ways to get rid of dark circles? Come and have a look!

The first method, ice application, can be used if there are black circles and pouches after staying up late. Prepare two spoons and put them into the freezer. After a while, take them out and press them on the lower eyelids of the eyes. You can also use ice, put it in a wet towel, and then gently touch your eyes. After you finish, you will find that the dark circles have faded a lot.

The second method is to use cucumbers, prepare half of the cucumbers, and then cut them into thin slices so that they will not fall off the eyes. This method can reduce the dark circles and bags. The skin of the applied cucumber is very delicate, so you must apply eye cream and water to the eyes later.

The third method, honey method, honey is a very good way to make the dark circles fade. After washing the face, don't dry it with a towel, wait for it to air dry, and then gently smear a thin layer of honey around the eyes, wait for ten minutes, and then wash it with water. After finishing, you will find that the dark circles are not only light, but also the skin is clean.

If we want to have no dark circles, the most important thing is not to stay up late. We should not spend more than ten hours watching TV and surfing the Internet every day. Let our eyes rest more. Don't drink too much water before going to bed at night to avoid eye swelling.