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Eyes cry swollen or get up in the morning dropsy, what method can quickly detumescence?

Many girls cry when they often watch movies or when they are upset. It's cool to cry, even if their eyes are swollen like walnuts. Boys, sometimes they sleep late or too much. In the morning, their eyes are swollen. They look like crying all night. It's not beautiful. So what should I do if my eyes are swollen? Let's take a look at some ways to quickly reduce the swelling of the eyes!

First of all, the first method, after the eyes are swollen, it is difficult for the eyelids that originally were single eyelids to become single eyelids, or even to open the eyes. At this time, we can blink more. Frequent blinking can not only make the eyes more comfortable, but also make the lines of the eyes clearer and less swollen.

The second method, hot or cold compress, first hot compress, dip a little hot water with a towel, then lie down and apply it on your eyes. When the towel is not hot, wet it again. After hot compress several times, you can start ice compress. In this way, we use the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction to make the eyes detumescence.

The third method, if you think the second method above is too troublesome, you can find two iron spoons directly and stick them on your eyes or temples, which can also relieve the swollen eyes. You can also use your index finger to gently massage your eyes, and discharge excess water from your eyes through massage. In the upper and lower eyelids of the eyes, massage gently from the inner corner of the eye to the temple with fingers to generate heat for the eyelids and promote blood circulation, which can play the role of detumescence.

The fourth method, can use boiled eggs peeled shell on the eyelid rolling, generally rolling for five or six minutes, hot compress effect is better.