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Memory is a good thing. It's not hard to recite it quickly

When we go to school, we always have to recite something. Even if we don't go to school, we sometimes need to recite something in our daily life. So how to recite quickly and efficiently in a short time? This requires us to master some fast recitation methods. Speaking of this, Xiaobian will tell you today what are some quick recitation methods!

The first small way to recite quickly is to understand memory recitation. Understanding memory recitation is one of the most common and basic methods in our daily recitation. Recite the text on the basis of preliminary understanding. The deeper we understand, the easier we will remember it. When reciting a text, you may consider reading the full text first, understanding the main idea and general idea of the article, and then reciting according to what we understand.

The second small method of fast recitation is recitation. Recitation is also a common way to recite the text. We recite the text by reading it repeatedly and repeatedly, familiar with the materials. But this method is time-consuming and labor-consuming.

The third way of fast recitation is to grasp the essentials. We can recite the text according to the central context of the article, the author's writing ideas and the order of writing, which is more efficient.

The fourth method of fast recitation is associative recitation, which can also be said to be fun recitation. According to the teaching principle of "teaching with pleasure", the speed of recitation can be improved by improving students' interest in recitation, so as to achieve the purpose of fast recitation. We all know that interest is the best teacher. We can recite the text or recitation materials by imagination and association.